Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Prize Grabber is a machine seen in "Who Let the Ed In?". It's basically a giant glass orb (shaped somewhat like a gumball machine) with random objects such as a boom-box, a spatula, a soccer ball, a toaster, a hockey stick, and many other items contained inside there. It was supposed to get Eddy cash. It also has a small opening so Eddy and Edd could climb in and get the quarters through a coin slot. Nobody used it because Jib "told" Ed to tell Jimmy it was a scam. To add on to the money loss, Ed also gave Jimmy, Sarah and Kevin presents. Really, there was nothing inside the box: Eddy and Edd were inside it.

For some reason, the machine never appears again after "Who Let the Ed In?" Despite never being destroyed, it was most likely of no further use to the Eds, so they probably threw it away, possibly putting it in The Junkyard. However, it may have been used as inspiration for the Thingamajig.

Materials Used[]


Eddy and Edd inside the prize grabber.

  • Cardboard Box that was painted red (bottom component)
  • Giant glass orb (case)
  • Assorted items (prizes)
  • Edd and Eddy (coin receptacle)
  • Badly-made levers
  • Small cardboard box (control pad)

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