Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ponce de la Eds is a restaurant scam seen in "Ed... Pass it On..." The food all had references to the names of the Eds, such as Ed Turkey al-a-King, Double D Spaghetti, and Eddy Pizza. It suffered its fate when Ed served himself as a turkey, naked, to Jonny, thus scaring all the kids off and angering Eddy. However, no one asked for refunds, so it is possible that this scam actually did earn money. The kids did not appear to ask for their money back and Jimmy handed Eddy a bill at the beginning of the episode. Eddy may have been unhappy and not gotten jawbreakers because he was unhappy about the scam's failure (especially since it always worked for his brother), but he still had at least the $1 bill from Jimmy. This was one of the few scams that was intended to use actual food, albeit no prepared dish is seen.

The Menu[]

Here is the food served in Ponce de la Ed, written on the menu:

  • Eddy Pizza - 57¢
  • Double Dee Spaghetti - 75¢
  • Ed Kabobs - 62¢
  • Triple Ed Fondoo - 81¢
  • Ed Steak - 85¢
  • Ed Turkey al-a-King - 82¢
  • Salad-a-la Double Dee - 35¢
  • Ed Shakes - 25¢