Ed, Edd n Eddy

The kids and Ed playing with the "Play Safe and Never Play Sorry Bubble Suit."

The Play Safe and Never Play Sorry Bubble Suit was a suit created by Edd in "Cry Ed" and destroyed in the same episode. It is merely a rubber glove inflated into the likeness of a huge balloon and was made to try to stop the injury competition between Eddy and Jimmy.


The main purpose of this suit was to keep Jimmy safe and prevent Eddy from trying to compete with Jimmy to get everyone else's attention by injuring himself (he faked an injury from a Swedish meatball and later went on a runaway frying pan motorcycle style until he crashed into a dumpster). Edd created the suit by placing a rubber glove around Jimmy and having Ed inflate the glove and tie it in a knot in the style of a balloon. When Eddy had everyone in the palm of his hand, Ed arrived with Jimmy in his bubble suit. Sarah panicked and tried to save Jimmy thinking he will get hurt until Jimmy assures her that he will be fine since Edd made him safe. Soon all the Kids (and Ed) are having fun with Jimmy with no concern to his safety since he is now protected within the suit. Edd believed that will stop Eddy from trying to outdo Jimmy for attention by injuring himself, but Eddy told him he just changed the rules by doing that and that the show must go on (Edd responded with "Drat!"). This time, Eddy is now trying to compete to prove he can be safer in a dangerous situation than Jimmy. Eddy then built a better play safe suit to prove he can be safer than Jimmy. Ed then catapults him to where the kids are.


When Eddy was catapulted to the other kids (who were playing volleyball with Jimmy in his suit as the ball) by Ed, he knocked into Jimmy before plummeting to the ground on top of Kevin and Rolf. Eddy knocked Jimmy to the other side away from the kids and into the yard of a vicious dog. The dog then attacked Jimmy until it ripped up a hole into the suit causing it to deflate and send Jimmy flying through the air (as he yelled out to the others he was no longer safe) into the distance with Sarah, Jonny, and Nazz then running after him to save him before he gets injured from the impact, while also ignoring Eddy in the process (much to his anger and dismay). The enraged and bruised Kevin and Rolf then proceeded to take vengeance on Eddy by beating him up.


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