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Plank's Perspective is a short DVD extra included on Ed, Edd n Eddy Vol.1: Edifying Ed-ventures. In it, Jonny tells the audience what Plank thinks about the cast of the show while clips from the episodes on the DVD play and sometimes interject to make a point. Although the concept is different, the short is similar to the Club Ed: The Rules and Regulations extra also included on the DVD in terms of how it is executed (a narrator talking over clips of the show).


  • Jonny: "Hey there, it's me, Jonny. Welcome to the Cul-de-Sac! Here's my buddy, Plank."
    Jonny: "Good one, Plank! Ha, what a kidder. We know all the kids around here; we'll fill ya in on the scoop! Let's start with Ed, Edd n Eddy."
    Sarah: "Who invited them?"


  • Jonny: "Here we have–"
    Ed: "I'm a moose!"
    Jonny: "No, it's–"
    Ed: "A lizard!"
    Jonny: [chuckling] "Ed."
    Ed: "I have become Chameleon Man!"
    Jonny: "This is Ed."
    Ed: "I was a moose once."
    Jonny: "He sure is funny! And Plank says his pits smell like a dirty gym bag. Check out his one eyebrow! Plank says he dips it in–"
    Ed: "Gravy!"
    Jonny: "Uh-oh! He's got Rolf's chickens!"
    Ed: [tapping an egg] "Fly, chicken, fly!" [He opens the egg, breaking it.]


  • [Edd plays the pedal steel guitar.]
    Jonny: [laughing] "Then there's Double D!"
    Ed: [imitating Eddy] "You're a genius, Double D!"
    Jonny: "Plank thinks his hat's glued to his head!"
    [Eddy pulls Edd out of a hat by Edd's hat.]
    Eddy: "Ah-ha!"
    Jonny: "He's smarter than the cat's pajamas!"
    Edd: "Why I'd be flattered if you were to mimic me."
    Eddy: [imitating Edd] "The wind conditions are absurd. The lean is too steep for the fat."
    Edd: [unamused] "Ha ha, very good, Eddy."
    Jonny: "But sometimes scared of his own shadow."
    Edd: [covered in gravy and freaking out] "It's a tub of gravy!"
    Jonny: "Double D is a ladies' man."
    Lee: "Yeah!"
    May: "Yep."
    Lee: "Time to claim our booty, girls."
    Edd: "Not good!"
    [The Eds scream as the Kankers surround them.]
    Edd: "I was kind of hoping my first kiss would be...enjoyable."
    Jonny: "Girls just can't get enough of his scientific bad boy exterior!"
    Edd: [firing a Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun] "I feel the adrenaline, baby!"


  • Ed: "I can do Eddy, I practiced." [pushing his eyes together] "Can it Double Dweeb!"
    Nazz: "Is that Eddy?"
    Jimmy: [scared] "It's Marshall Eddy!"
    Jonny: "Captain Eddy!"
    Edd: [with a bugle] "All hail the great King Eddy!"
    Jonny: "Call him what you will, he's the best friend money can buy."
    Eddy: "Twenty-five cents! Real cheap for a thrill!"
    Jonny: "He sure likes to boss the other Eds around."
    Eddy: "Ed, you can wear the tights." [to Kevin] "Give us your sawdust, Kevin!" [to Ed] "Gimme that thing!" [A periscope lands on his head.]
    Jonny: "Hanging with him is always a blast."
    Eddy: [sarcastically] "So scary!"
    Edd: "Eddy, please don't–" [Eddy pulls a hairpin out of an inner tube.]
    Eddy: "See?"
    [The inner tube starts flying around aimlessly.]


  • Sarah: [offscreen] "Ed!"
    Ed: [dressed like Eddy] "Sarah?"
    Edd: [dressed like Ed] "Sarah?" [Ed hides in a bush.] "Ed?"
    Sarah: "Ed!"
    Edd: "Ed, Sarah!"
    Jonny: "Sarah is Ed's little sister. Ed sure is lucky!"
    Sarah: "I'm telling Mom you left me all alone!"
    Jonny: "She really means business!"
    Sarah: [to the Eds] "Get outta our spot!"
    Eddy: "You and whose army?"
    Edd: "You'd think you would have learned by now, Eddy."
    Sarah: "AAAAAHHH!" [Sarah attacks the Eds.]
    Jonny: [disquieted] "Ah okay Plank, let's move on."


  • Eddy: [spinning a bottle] "Who's next?"
    The Kids [interrupting each other] "Me! Me! Me!"
    Jonny: "Whee!" [He laughs.]
    [The bottle stops while pointing at Jimmy.]
    Jimmy: "It's my turn! Luck be a lady tonight!"
    Jonny: "Jimmy's on the bottom of the pecking order."
    Sarah: [handing Jimmy a bowling ball] "Show them what you're made of, Jimmy."
    Jonny: "That's what Eddy says."
    Jimmy: "D'you mind holding it down out there?"
    Jonny: "Luckily, Jimmy has a Sarah."
    Sarah: [enraged] "Leave Jimmy alone!"
    Edd: "Shh!"
    Jonny: "After one too many wedgies–"
    Eddy: "How's it going, Rembrandt?"
    Jonny: "Jimmy'll pop his cork!"
    [Jimmy bites Eddy's hand as it reaches underneath his door.]
    Eddy: "YOW! He bit me! He bit me!"


  • Rolf: [riding a beach ball] "Bugaboo! Ha ha! Ha ha! Do not ask Rolf to stop!"
    Jonny: "Rolf came from who-knows-where!"
    Rolf: [dressed for a vacation and jingling coins] "Hallo, Ed-boys! When is the next sailing? My skin begs me for sun and sweat!"
    Jonny: "He gets excited about anything and everything!"
    Rolf: [playing with a yo-yo] "I have never seen such a thing!"
    Jonny: "Not even Plank knows where he's from! But I think it must be close to a zoo."
    Ed: "Where do eggs come from, Rolf?"
    Rolf: [picking up a chicken] "Let me show you exactly where the egg comes from–"
    Edd: "No!"


  • Jonny: "Kevin flirts with all the girls. He thinks he's a hot potato!"
    Kevin: "Hey, Marshall Drip!" [He flips a wooden coin to Eddy.]
    Jonny: "But Plank says he's just lonely."
    Kevin: [using Jimmy as a bowling ball] "Awesome!"
    Jonny: "And you always hear him coming!"
    Kevin: [to Eddy] "Dork!" [shoving Eddy away] "Dork." [as Pecos Kev] "You're a dork."
    Eddy: [showing off his badge] "That's Marshall Dork."

The Kanker Sisters[]

  • [Plank is held up to the kids and the Eds by Jonny. Plank is reeking with perfume. The gathered crowd reacts with disgust to the stench.]
    Eddy: "What stinks?"
    Jonny: "It's the Kanker Sisters, queens of the Cul-de-Sac. Pee-yew! With their favorite smelly perfume!"
    Lee and May: "Krankshaft!"
    Marie: "Krankshaft No. 5."
    Ed: "Fresh-cut spring flowers, spewn across a babbling brook, with a hint of lemon."
    The Eds: "RUN AWAY!" [The Kankers lasso them and drag the Eds over.]
    Jonny: "These girls just can't get enough of Ed, Edd n Eddy."
    May: [looking at the tree Ed is clinging to] "Look! They brought us flowers!"
    Jonny: "Just don't get too close or else!"
    [The Kankers squirt the Eds with Krankshaft No. 5.]
    Eddy: "I'm feeling pretty ripe right now."
    Jonny: "It can get pretty ugly!"
    Ed: [as the Kankers move in to kiss the Eds] "Not home! Not home!"

Jonny 2x4[]

  • Sarah: "It's bonehead time."
    Jonny: "Hey, it looks like our turn, Plank!"
    Ed: [imitating Eddy] "Buzz off, Melonhead!"
    Jonny: "Buzz buzz off, Jonny! Plank and I love living here. We can always find adventure. Listen to the clams gurgle in the bucket, Plank. And have more fun than a bowl of popped wheat, right Plank?"
    Edd: "Can we move on, this heat is unbearable."

The End[]

  • Jonny: "So that's all the kids of the Cul-de-Sac. Come visit me and Plank anytime!"
    Jonny: "What's that Plank?"
    Jonny: "We forgot about Nazz? Uh-oh! We're out of time! She's gonna be miffed!"


  • Sarah's name is misspelled as "Sara" in the short.
  • Nazz is the only character not to get a segment done on her, with Jonny and Plank only realizing she wasn't included after they've run out of time.
  • Jonny's voice sounds a bit off throughout the short.
  • The order in which the cards for the kids are aligned is as followed: Ed, Sarah, Rolf, The Kanker Sisters, Edd, Jimmy, Kevin, Eddy, and Jonny.



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