Ed, Edd n Eddy

Plank's Groovy Arbor Day Party is an annual party Jonny and Plank have every year to celebrate their favorite holiday, Arbor Day. It was first and only seen in the episode "Tween a Rock and an Ed Place". During the party they play several small, nature-themed, party games, much to Eddy's disliking.

It is sometimes not celebrated on the real Arbor Day for Edd tried to tell Jonny the party was six months off, but he ignores him. Though Jonny was mentioned to have invited every other kid in the neighborhood nearly all of them declined the invitation account they were all seemingly preoccupied with other matters. Some of the games played at the party are "Oak, Oak, Spruce" (based on Duck, Duck, Goose), "Guess how many seeds are in the jar," listening to Plank's jokes, and "Make a Wish on the Awesome Arbor Day Acorn." When the Eds went to wish on the "Awesome Arbor Day Acorn," Ed (and Plank) had made a wish on the acorn that they would party forever, which Jonny took easily.

They would then become the "Arbor Day Daisy Chain of Woodland Buddies" who watch over the "Arbor Day Youngling" until it grows into a full grown tree, Plank would then "play" "Ode to Margot" and "Watson's Waltz" to the tree when it finished growing.


  • Eddy apparently prepared a tape called "Eddy Entrance Mix" for when he makes an entrance into parties.