Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Plane was only seen in "Cool Hand Ed." Edd was forced to build it to escape from school by Eddy. The plane was constructed mainly out of a locker and other junk collected around the school. The engine was a fan motor inside a trash can and was quite powerful for its size. It had a maximum speed of approximately 30 mph, much slower than most real-life aircraft. It should be noted that the plane was one of the few aircraft built that actually worked.

It was meant to carry Edd, Eddy, Ed, Jonny, and Plank back to the Cul-de-Sac. An alarm bell rang, signaling that the boys were found out to be ditching class, forcing an early takeoff. Although it managed to fly at first, despite Edd insisting it was incomplete, it only contained three seats. In addition, there was too much weight, resulting in Jonny and Plank being ejected to keep the plane airborne. The plane crashed into the school and was destroyed when Edd's sweater got caught on a branch, since he was hanging on to the end of the tail fin, and the plane was propelled backwards. However, after they crashed into the school, the dismissal bell rang. Therefore, the Eds would have only skipped the last few seconds of school.

Construction Items[]

  • Locker (Body)
  • Doors (Wings)
  • Tuba (Tail Section)
  • Fan Propeller (Propulsion)
  • Fan Motor (Engine)
  • Trash Can (Nose)
  • Chair (Front Seat)
  • Plywood Pieces (Air Foils)
  • Stopwatch (Controlling Piece)
  • Calculator (Starting Control)
  • Light Bulbs (Lighting Controls)
  • Soda Can (Lever Piece)
  • Clock (Control)
  • Cardboard Pieces (Pieces for the Controlling Section)
  • Pillow (Back Seat)
  • Bottle Caps (Buttons)
  • Traffic Cones (Wheel Sights)
  • Trophy (Central Nose)
  • Jogging Pants (Tail)
  • Several glass pieces (Windshield)
  • Hose (Seat Belt)
  • Silverware (Controls)
  • Globe (Radar)
  • Hockey Stick (Tail Section)
  • Ruler (Lever)
  • Various Junk (Plane Pieces)
  • Trolley Wheels (Landing Gear)


  • A traditional air force roundel is painted on the side of the plane.
    • Another military reference is that an air-raid siren plays just before the Eds' attempted escape.