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The Pirate Ship was a ship built by the Kanker Sisters in "Avast Ye Eds." The ship is one of three vehicles that were specifically designed for war (the others are the Cloud Platform and the El Mongo Stink Bomb) and the only one of the three that wasn't built by the Eds. It was built so the Kankers could track down and amorously assault the Eds, who were running a cruise line at the time, and Jonny and Jimmy, who were passengers. The only kind of weaponry it has is a bobby pin shooter which, unfortunately, was enough to sink the Eds' Luxury Cruise Liner during the Creek Skirmish, since Eddy removed it instead of leaving it be. The ship is also quite large with a capacity to hold eight people. Although it is big, it is also quite fast. It can go up to 10 mph using its large sail (which has a "K" for Kanker on it), but in overdrive, it tops out at 30 mph. It achieves overdrive by using a weed-whacker as an outboard motor. The ship with its crew overall is a formidable enemy to the Eds. The ship was damaged, however, by Jonny stabbing Plank into the main sail and then dragging him down through the sheet, rendering the sail unusable, much to the disappointment of the crew, as the sail was their mother's favorite bedsheets.

Construction Items[]

  • Mattress (Hull)
  • Weed-Whacker (Engine)
  • Two Bed Sheets (Mainsail & Topsail)
  • Netting (Shrouds)
  • Lawn Flamingo (Figurehead)
  • Various Metal Rods (Mast & Yardarms)
  • Plank (Plank)
  • Crank Handle (Winch)


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