Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Piggy Bank Belly Pumper is a scam the Eds used in "Fa-La-La-La-Ed". The purpose of it was to have money removed from the kids' piggy banks for them on Piggy Bank Day without the need of smashing the banks themselves. It starts by polishing the piggy bank, then it goes inside and is supposed to be secretly smashed by Edd with a mallet and the money is then given to the customer. The scam was ruined when Ed tore off the side of the structure revealing Edd about to smash Jimmy's piggy bank. Edd, feeling ashamed of himself, breaks out in tears and begins apologizing as Ed goes over and comforts him, telling him that Santa forgives him, before accusing Eddy for the deception along with the other kids.

The Belly Pumper was later seen in "Dueling Eds" in the junkyard, so it is possible that the Eds threw it away after the scam failed. By this point, it is damaged beyond repair.


  • Scrap metal (body)
  • Trash can (nose)
  • Toilet seat and lid (ears)
  • Pans (eyes)
  • Float (platform)
  • Bike (moves the float)
  • Electric Plug (tail)
  • Balloons (decoration)


  • Apparently, Rolf's culture has a swine of Christmas past, and Rolf sees the Piggy Bank Belly Pumper as a representation of it.