Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Peach Creek Jr. High Tattler is the school newspaper for Peach Creek Jr. High that appeared in "Truth or Ed." Edd was the sole editor of the paper until he convinced Ed and Eddy to join. The paper frequently experienced slow news days and resorted to printing articles on whatever was convenient with stories like "Janitor Finds New Mop" and "Paint On Gymnasium Doors - Dry." However, when Ed and Eddy took Edd out of the picture, they turned the Tattler into a sensationalist tabloid that published fake stories about the students of Peach Creek Jr. High; it soon became a hot seller.

Ed was assigned the position of delivery boy to ensure that the Tattler would be read by everyone in the student body. To avoid being found out by the kids, Eddy used a pen name to hide his identity - "Bobby Blabby". After Eddy was found to be writing the fake stories, the kids removed him from his position on the paper and forced him into the knitting club.

Edd regained control over the paper and, after publishing an article exposing Bobby Blabby's deeds, things returned back to normal.

The back section of every paper includes a crossword puzzle, comics, a cafeteria menu, and a Horoscope. Each issue cost 25 cents. The Tattler is a non-profit organization as all proceeds go directly to the school.


The paper has written many stories, below are a few that were published before and during the events of "Truth or Ed" (in chronological order).

Pre-Bobby Blabby Articles[]

  • Janitor Finds a New Mop
  • Jimmy Makes Shortcake
  • Sarah Eats Shortcake
  • Paint On Gymnasium Doors-Dry
  • Mrs. Smith Receives Fresh Apple
  • Photocopier Repaired
  • Photocopier Still In Working Order
  • Librarian Interviewed

Articles Written by Bobby Blabby[]

  • Mutant Colony on Ed's Head!!
  • Nazz Kicked Off Cheer Leading Squad!
  • Ed's Baby Sister Part of a Secret Chimp Foghorn Race!!!
  • Jonny 2x4 Discovers Atlantis in Nostrils
  • Kevin Hides World's Biggest Collection of Spandex Bike Shorts Under Mattress
  • Rolf Plans to Bulldoze Kevin's House to Build Seniors Home for Nana
  • Sabrina Rubber Duck Talks Korean
  • Jimmy Knocked Two Thursdays From Now by the Girls Curling Club
  • Fork Boy Created in Cooking Class (would have been the next day's headline if Bobby Blabby had not been unmasked)

Post-Bobby Blabby Articles[]

  • Bobby Blabby Tricked You ("YOU, of course, being used in the collective sense...")
  • Principal Takes Bus: Car Destroyed Mysteriously
  • Toilet Seat Missing
  • Happy Life with More Homework
  • How to Get Better Marks
  • Knitting Club Finally Formed with Only One Member
  • Pig Scores Top Marks on Exam

Bobby Blabby Tricked You Story[]

The news article at the very end of the episode went into depth about how all of the previously written articles were fake and should not be taken seriously. The story is as follows:

Besides being a megalomaniac, Eddy has been the editor of the Peach Creek Jr. High Tattler for the last few editions, causing pain and anguish to many of our highly respectable and distinguished students, some of whom have been traumatized by his slanderous and disrespectful reporting, reducing the art of journalism to nothing more but gossip and what some may construe as actual lies. The articles do not in any way pertain to real live[sic] events. The only purpose they serve is to shock and sensationalize, in order to increase sales and line the pockets of the capitalist, muck-raking Eddy. In this issue, we delve into the inner psyche of such personality types.

—As reported by Eddward


  • The use of the word "tattler" in the newspaper's title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the concept of journalism.
  • The newspaper's motto is "The pen is mightier than the sword," as seen above the front door of the newsroom. This is a reference to the play Richelieu, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, where the famous phrase originates.
  • The vast amount of profit implies Ed was able to sell the paper to people besides the main cast.