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Peach Creek is the fictional town in a non-specific area of the world in which Ed, Edd n Eddy is set.

History of Peach Creek[]

In "A Town Called Ed," the Eds discover a book that details the founding of Peach Creek. It is revealed that the land was first settled over 300 years ago by Eddy's ancestors. The settlement was originally called Fort Peach Creek. Illustrations of settlers' clothing hints this may have happened sometime around the 17th Century. Ownership of the town, however, was lost in a gambling match with Lord Kanker. As such, the Kanker family would come to own the town. It is unknown how long this ownership lasted, and who the town's current owner is.

The Location of Peach Creek[]

Peach Creek

A view of the skyline.

The question of Peach Creek's location in the real world has intentionally been left unanswered. There are many fan theories about the location of Peach Creek, but there isn't a canonical answer.

According to series creator Danny Antonucci, the location of Peach Creek, similar to the location of Rolf's homeland, is not meant to be anywhere specific. Instead, it is just a place that is meant to feel familiar to fans and remind them of their own childhood. The location of Peach Creek is purposely kept open for fan interpretation.

Around Peach Creek[]

Peach Creek is a suburban town consisting of newly-built houses sitting on the edge of some larger town or city that can be seen looming away on the horizon. Peach Creek still maintains its suburban roots, with all types of greenery including the woods and the creek. Yet Peach Creek still has some traces of urban development, such as the junkyard, the construction site and the trailer park. It also has a downtown area with many highways leading in and out.

Peach Creek and the Cul-de-Sac[]

The essence of Peach Creek in the Eds' world is the Cul-de-Sac and its immediate surroundings, including places such as the playground, the creek, and the trailer park.

The Eds do not live right next door to each other. This is proven in many episodes when Eddy arrives at Edd's house and Edd and Eddy run across the cul-de-sac to Ed and Sarah's house.

The Creek flows beyond the Trailer Park, even branching off to a separate swimming hole. The playground is located next to the cul-de-sac, separated by the tall fences of the lane. The Junkyard is placed behind the cul-de-sac.

The Candy Store, from information gathered in the episodes "Don't Rain on My Ed" and "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?" and the local stores are located a short distance from the Cul-de-Sac. The Candy Store is not the only shop in the commercial district, as Danny's Meat Shop, Wootie's Cafe, Underwood's Pet Shop and other stores make cameos. A list of said stores can be found below.


A Big Map Of Peach Creek

The suburbs of Peach Creek.

Known Residents[]



  • AKA Shoes
  • Antiques
  • Bonni's Taxidermy
  • Book Store
  • Café Fondue
  • Candy Store
  • China Palace
  • Crawdad Hut
  • Danny's Meat Shop
  • Deli
  • Ghetti's Gators
  • Hardware Store
  • Java Hut
  • Kitchen Shop
  • Laundromat
  • Light Bulbs
  • Lih's Supply Co.
  • Toomey's Tattoos
  • Underwood's Pet Shoppe
  • Wig Boutique
  • Wootie's Cafe




AKA Shoes[]

AKA Shoes is a store located in the main street of Peach Creek that sells shoes. The name is yet another reference to AKA Cartoon.


Antiques is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek that most likely sells vintage and antique items.

Bonni's Taxidermy[]

Bonni's Taxidermy is a store located in the main street of Peach Creek that sells mounted or stuffed animals. The name of the store is a reference to Bonni Reid, the color designer for the show.

Book Store[]

The Book Store is a store located in the main street of Peach Creek that sells books.

Café Fondue[]

Café Fondue is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek that probably offers a range of hot meals and made-to-order sandwiches. Due to a word "Fondue" in the name it may also serve some Swiss cuisine.

Candy Store[]

The Candy Store is the local retailer for all things sweet and delectable. It is the dream destination for all the kids in the Cul-De-Sac as it sells one of their most desired candies, jawbreakers. The Candy Store has been featured in a handful of episodes, most predominantly the episode "Don't Rain on My Ed" when the Eds all tried to get there in time to receive a free jawbreaker on "Customer Appreciation Day."

China Palace[]

China Palace is a Chinese restaurant located on the main street of Peach Creek, left from the Candy Store.

Crawdad Hut[]

Seen on a billboard outside of town. It may be a hatchery or restaurant that has crayfish or similar seafood.

Danny's Meat Shop[]

Danny's Meat Shop is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek. Two flyers on the store window advertise a product on sale, and a product that is sold by the pound. The store name is a reference to series creator, Danny Antonucci, and his short film Lupo the Butcher.


Deli is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek. It is probably like any other delicatessen offering a wide variety of meats and other things.

Ghetti's Gators[]

Seen on a billboard outside of town. It is unknown whether it is a tourist trap, an attraction or a gator farm, only that it is a location. It is named after Sabrina Alberghetti, the show's storyboard artist from 2004 until the series' end in 2009.

Hardware Store[]

The Hardware Store is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek that sells hardware.

Java Hut[]

Java Hut is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek. It is not entirely known what the store offers though it may most likely sell coffee due to the fact it has the word "Java" in its name.

Kitchen Shop[]

The Kitchen Shop is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek that probably sells kitchenware. This shop is located to the left side of the candy store, as shown in "Every Which Way But Ed."


Laundromat is a facility on the main street of Peach Creek where clothes are washed and dried.

Light Bulbs[]

Light Bulbs is a store located on the main street of Peach Creek where light bulbs are sold.

Lih's Supply Co.[]

Lih's Supply Co. is a supply store located in downtown Peach Creek. It first appeared in the episode "Out with the Old, In with the Ed". They sell supplies similar to a dollar store and some supplies that you don't normally see in a dollar store. The Eds visit this store after Edd's back to school supplies closet was raided by the neighborhood kids, after they discovered that school started tomorrow. Edd sent Ed into the store with a coupon for "back to school" supplies. Unfortunately, Ed walked out of the store with a step stool, pancake batter, a chewed up pencil, a urinal, and other bizarre purchases. The store also apparently was selling rulers 50% off and have a back to school sale.

Toomey's Tattoos[]

Toomey's Tattoos is a store located in the main street of Peach Creek that imprints tattoos. It is named after Cory Toomey, the show's character and prop designer.

Underwood's Pet Shoppe[]

Underwood's Pet Shoppe (also seen as "Underwood Pet Shop") is one of the many shops located on the main street of Peach Creek that sells pets and pet accessories. The name is a reference to Scott Underwood, the storyboard artist for the show.

Wig Boutique[]

The Wig Boutique is a store who's main product is wigs, and possibly things wig related. It is a fairly large building, perhaps having two floors.

Wootie's Cafe[]

Wootie's Cafe is a restaurant located on the main street of Peach Creek most likely sells a range of hot meals and ready-to-order sandwiches. The name of the store is a reference to the name of the storyboard artist and director of the show.


  • The town name of Peach Creek is first revealed by Eddy in "Sir Ed-a-Lot."
  • The nearby town of Lemon Brook maintains a football rivalry with Peach Creek. Both towns are named after fruits and streams of water.
  • Peach Creek appears as two separate entities in Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall: Peach Creek Commons (the cul-de-sac, the trailer park, and the playground) and Peach Creek Estates (an expanded version of the construction site with some allusions to Codename: Kids Next Door).
  • The electrical cables start at the factory and continue behind Edd's house, but it is not shown how far they continue.
  • Emergency Services are known to exist in Peach Creek. Throughout the series, sirens and threats to call the police can be heard.


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