Ed, Edd n Eddy

Eddy's reaction to the training.

Pavlovian Training is something Edd tried in "My Fair Ed" in an attempt to cure the bad behavior of Ed and Eddy, who had earlier in the episode cut a swath of destruction through the the Cul-de-Sac. Using a method similar to those used in the famous experiments done by Ivan Pavlov, Edd trained his friends to expect pain whenever they misbehaved. Surprisingly enough, the training was quick to take effect on his friends, as they became well-mannered and polite after only a few minutes of the training. Soon, though, it backfired, as the two began doing bad things to the neighborhood kids, albeit in a polite manner and under the guise of doing good deeds. This eventually lead to them behaving worse than they did before the training, causing Edd to regret having trained them to behave "better." After he expressed these regrets, however, his friends soon came clean, revealing that the training had had no effect and they were merely pranking him.

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