Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Paper Routes scam appeared in "Read All About Ed." Eddy came up with the idea, which was to take on multiple paper routes in order to make large quantities of money. He came up with this idea after learning about Edd's simple, meagerly-profitable paper route. Unfortunately, Eddy's idea was largely unworkable due to the vast quantities of newspapers they would have to deliver. Edd pitched in to help, though, and soon rigged up a machine that would allow them to deliver papers much more easily. The machine catastrophically malfunctioned when Eddy's bed was fed into it, and it fired newspapers haphazardly around the Cul-de-Sac. To make matters worse, the Eds would have to pick up the papers and deliver them correctly if they wanted to get paid. As the Eds began working on the cleanup, it began raining making the task more difficult. At the end of the episode, the evening papers were delivered, burying the Eds under another mountain of newspapers and making their work much harder.



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