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"Over Your Ed" is the 4th episode of Season 1 and of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Edd and Eddy give Ed a bath and a complete image makeover to become a stylish and sociable person after he ruins their latest scam due to his stench and clumsiness.


The day begins with the Eds readying themselves to start the day. Edd works hard at his bath, trying to make himself spotless, while Eddy takes a vigorous shower, and Ed forgets to even bathe. After this, they head out to start the newest scam: an En-O-Gee Drink stand. While the stand is initially very rickety, Edd and Eddy manage to get it into working condition before Ed arrives. Eddy tries to get Ed to put the sign for the scam in the correct position, but is quickly distracted by Ed's stench prompting him to shout "Ed! You smell like a gym bag! When was the last time you've had a bath?!" Ed says "I forget." Eddy then moves over to see how Edd is doing. Edd is carefully measuring sugar, but Eddy, knowing what their customers will want, decides to pour a whole sack of sugar into the pitcher. When Edd finally measures out what he think is the correct amount, he drops it in the pitcher and starts mixing it in.

Ed then goes over to Edd and asks to help but he only makes things worse with his stink. Edd sends Ed off and tastes the sugary concoction, which makes him extremely hyper. Ed then goes over to Eddy and asks to be the sales Ed. Eddy denies him at first but Edd says that it can't hurt and Eddy reluctantly gives in. He then feeds Ed a sales pitch, which Ed screws up, and when Kevin and Nazz arrive for drinks, Ed singlehandedly destroys the scam. After the customers leave, Eddy berates Ed, but Ed is oblivious to his anger, and Eddy gives up, wondering what they will do with him. At this, Edd suggests a makeover, and Eddy agrees with this idea.

Later, Ed is next seen sitting naked in a wagon. Edd and Eddy proceed to wash the boy before packing him off to Eddy's house for new, cool clothes. A wardrobe selected and a shower given, Eddy teaches Ed some of his coolest moves, and Edd comes up with some hip phrases he can say. They then decide to test him out and put Ed in the lane. When Jimmy comes along, Ed is quickly able to win him over, and soon after that, he wins over the kids. Eddy then comes up with a way to make money off of this: an "Ed the Great" show.

Soon enough, the show is set up in the shed and the kids have paid to watch. Eddy sends Ed onstage, and Ed recites "Ed-isms" for the cheering crowd. Things suddenly go sour, however. The Kanker Sisters break in and start to torment Ed. When Ed scans the sheet of cool catchphrases he got from Edd, May grabs it and calls him a cheater. The evil trio then proceed to wreck the show, turning Ed into a bumbling idiot and sending the Eds flying into a wheelbarrow full of manure. The kids leave, disgusted. To top it all off, Lee steals Eddy's money and leaves the Eds broke once more.

The Eds wind up outside the candy store, depressed. Edd has finally come down from his sugar high and has a large block of ice pressed to his head. Ed, trying to cheer up his friends, comes up with a cool phrase on his own: "I say the cheese is always twice the fence post!" Eddy, not one to be cheered by this, merely darkly wishes for a fence post, presumably to use on Ed.


  • Goofs:
    • The "R" on the pink sugar bowl changes cases between shots.
    • When Kevin and Nazz walk off screen after Ed destroys the En-O-Gee drink stand, Nazz's body stretches horizontally.
    • After Nazz compliments Ed on his hair, Jonny's mouth moves, but no words come out.
    • When Ed responds to Kevin, the brim of Kevin's hat is red, instead of black.
    • When the kids walk down the lane with Ed, three goofs appear simultaneously;
      • Sarah's mouth does not move when she says "C'mon, Ed!"
      • The red stripe on Rolf's shirt disappears.
      • Jonny and Plank are absent in this shot, but reappear after Eddy observes Ed's popularity.
    • When the Kankers first show up, Marie and May move their mouths, but no words come out. Oddly, when their mouths move, they make pig noises.
    • When Lee demands Ed say something, her blue tooth changes places several times with the one next to it.
    • When Marie pulls Ed's jacket off and spins him, he briefly appears to be wearing his normal green jacket.
    • In the final scene, just before the credits, Edd's socks disappear.
  • Ed reveals he is about 5'9" tall. This is considered the average adult male height in Canada and the United States. As adults in the series are depicted as giants, Ed's height may be normal for children.
  • In this episode, Ed has red/ginger hair. In "The Luck of the Ed," his hair is black.
  • The En-O-Gee Drinks stand reappears in "A Glass of Warm Ed," where it is repurposed with a new sign reading "Ed's Mart".
  • Ed has no problem with soap in this episode. In later episodes, such as "Once Upon an Ed" and "Run for your Ed", he is shown to be afraid of soap. It is possible Ed developed this fear at some point after this episode.
  • Ed's list of catchphrases includes "Yabba dabba crackers!" This is a reference to Fred Flintstone, the main character of The Flintstones, whose signature catchphrase is "Yabba dabba doo!"
    • May tells Ed that using this phrase is cheating, implying that the phrase is stolen, or that it was simply unacceptable to read off a list.
  • The shed used for the Ed Show reappears in "Ed-n-Seek," when Sarah uses it as a hiding spot.


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