Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Potatoes.

Over-Radiated Mashed Potatoes are a food item that only exists inside of Ed's Dream World. They made their only appearance in "Once Upon an Ed," in Ed's story, when the Kanker Sisters consumed them, thus transforming them into extremely tall mutants. The origin of the potatoes is unknown. The potatoes come in a cylindrical container (similar to ice cream) and are labeled "Mashed Potatoes." The label also has the symbol of an atom, possibly hinting that they are radioactive. The mutating effects of the potatoes seem to be obtained after a violent transformation process that is rather unpleasant, as the Kanker Sisters were seen gagging on the potatoes as the process happened.


  • Extreme height
  • Chicken lasers in the armpits that turn objects into hygiene products
  • Able to blow kisses that can imprint asphalt
  • Ability to morph into a single monster with other mutants (and the ability to blow a very powerful kiss)

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