Ed, Edd n Eddy

Nod Your Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Ed creates a new dance by putting a beehive in his pants. The comic has no major dialogue. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #25.


Edd and Eddy are running a life advice scam at the entrance to the lane. Suddenly, Ed approaches while acting frantic. Upon examination, Edd finds a beehive in Ed's pants.

Seeing an opportunity for yet another scam, Eddy rushes off to find more beehives as Edd tossed the hive from Ed's pants aside. As he gives Ed a book called "Keeping Stinging Insects Out of Your Trousers and Why", Eddy arrives with tons of beehives, much to Double D's shock. Shortly after, Eddy creates a new booth selling the beehives in order for customers to "Dance the Ed" while Edd gets salve to treat their customer's injuries.


  • Goofs:
    • The lane is covered in grass instead of pavement.
    • The insides of Plank's eyes are white instead of the same color as the rest of his body.
  • Nazz is the only character who has some kind of dialogue. This is ironic, given how she's usually the one character who rarely speaks.