Ed, Edd n Eddy

"Comics, Eddy. It's poison for the brain!" - Edd

No-Body Man was a comic book that Ed owned. It inspired him to create Jib, his imaginary friend. The comic costs 25 cents, as seen on the cover. It was seen in "Who Let the Ed In?" when it accidentally fell out of Ed's pants at the playground while Eddy was chasing Ed. Soon after, it was placed into a recycling bin by Edd. Its contents possibly involve an invisible person, but nothing further was revealed about it.


No-Body Creature From Galaxy.

The comic book also made a re-appearance in "The Eds are Coming." It was one of the comics that Edd flipped through in Ed's bedroom while gathering data on how to deal with alien insurgencies. There, it appeared as No-Body Creature From Galaxy. As such, it may be part of a franchise, and is not the same comic previously seen.