Ed, Edd n Eddy

Nightmare in Space was a game on the Cartoon Network Asia website. In it, you played as each of the three Eds over the course of three levels (Eddy first, then Ed, and finally Edd) in a quest to get back home from outer space.


The Eds are planning to build a rocket (for some unspecified purpose) and have just started work on it when Ed slips and lets go of the wrench he was holding, sending it spinning through the air. It sails over Eddy's head and clonks Edd on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. This sends Edd into a dream world where the Eds are lost in space.


The game is played using the arrow keys and the space bar. The up arrow key is used to trigger the fuel tank, which will send the ship upwards. The left and right arrow keys are used to move forwards on the screen (to go past obstacles faster) or backwards (to give more room to shoot). In the first two levels, you have to make your way from the starting platform to the ending docking platform, along the way navigating obstacles by avoiding or shooting them. In the last level, you need to make your way from the starting platform to the end; however, the end is not marked.


Upon reaching the end, the game enters a cutscene where Edd, in his rocket, descends through Earth's atmosphere until he reaches a landing platform in a backyard. After this, the game goes to the "win screen," where Ed is seen hugging his two friends tightly while moving them up and down.


  • Goof: Although the building the Eds are in is shown to be Edd's house, they are shown to be working in Ed's basement.
  • The rocket the Eds fly in is the Prototype Rocket from "Dawn of the Eds."
  • In the intro, the Prototype Rocket can be seen leaning against a wall. This implies that it was nearly complete and that Ed was merely going to tighten some screws.
  • In the plans for the rocket, several equations can be seen, including 4 + 4(a2) = ? and y2 = x + z.


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