Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Championship.

Nazz's Gymnastics Championship was a sporting event in "Rock-a-Bye Ed" hosted by Nazz and held on the Playground. The event consisted of various gymnastic acts performed by the Kids in order to win ribbons. Kevin, who was the judge of the event, scored each act sardonically. There were five acts seen altogether.

Acts Seen[]

Performer Act Score
Jimmy A frilly ribbon streaming routine that ultimately failed when he became dizzy and fell. 1
Nazz A jump over an obstacle finished off with a flip. Unseen (presumably a 10)
Sarah A jump into a somersault that plowed into Eddy (probably on purpose). Unseen
Jonny 2x4 The performance itself was actually an accident when Jimmy tripped on Plank, sending him airborne, then Jonny ran after Plank, ultimately crashing into the ground. Kevin found it amusing, thus giving him a perfect score. 10
Ed Imitating a chicken cawing on the balance beam. Dork (was a modified 10)