Ed, Edd n Eddy

Moon Rocks was a scam in "No Speak Da Ed". Eddy charged 25¢ per moon rock (which was really gum obtained from the bottom of the school cafeteria's tables, painted turquoise). The scam failed when Eddy tried selling the moon rocks to Kevin, who struck back at Eddy for annoying him. The Urban Rangers interrupted to deliver pen pal mail. Later, Eddy sent the fake moon rocks to his pen pal Hyuck, who paid him with loads of Korean money, which was worthless to Eddy in its foreign state, as the Candy Store threw it back to him when he tried to use it to buy Jawbreakers.


  • Technically, this may have been Eddy's most profitable scam ever shown. Even with fluctuations in exchange rates, 1000 South Korean Won is well over 0.75 United States Dollars. With at least 20 bills seen, Eddy easily made over 15 United States Dollars. It is unknown what happened to the money after the episode.