Ed, Edd n Eddy

Mondo A-Go Go is a coastal theme park visited by the Eds in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. The Eds came by Mondo A-Go Go purely by accident whilst looking for Eddy's Brother's home, which is located here. The place is abundant in objects one would find in a theme park or a carnival, such as a Ferris wheel, large roller coaster, amusement stands, tents and many other attractions. The park is largely ocean themed with rides and attractions such as the "Wild Prawn", a squid hot dog stand, ticket booths in the shape of shark heads, a "Man Crab" trailer, a spinning ride in the shape of a squid, a "Clam Catcher" booth, and the fact that Eddy's Brother's Trailer is in the shape of a whale. The theme of the park is highly influenced by its location. According to Eddy's Brother, the park doesn't open until noon which explains why there weren't any people roaming around the park during the movie. The title "Mondo A-Go Go" could be a reference to the 1965 horror movie "Monster A-Go Go". Ed ate a dirty corn dog off the ground from this theme park. Eddy's brother sent a postcard to Eddy, with the name of the coastal theme park. The postcard has the same logo and design as the amusement park identity sign.

There are corn dogs all over the ground. There is one motel and a restaurant called "Eats" near Mondo A-Go Go as seen in the background. There was also a motel that was even further away from Mondo A-Go Go as mentioned by Edd and Eddy.


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