"Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed" is the 22nd episode of Season 2 and the 48th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the Eds switch lifestyles after a game of "Truth or Dare."


The Eds take a leisurely stroll through the woods, but they find themselves at a small embankment by the Junkyard. Ed and Eddy fail to notice this and continue strolling midair. Edd tells them to come back. Eddy rushes back and takes refuge in Edd's hat (providing a small glimpse of what's under it). They try to tell Ed to come back, but he insists that he can jump it. Edd and Eddy manage to drag him back and think about how they can pass the embankment safely. They decide to literally catapult themselves over the embankment using a tree, but Edd claims that the wind will hinder their flight. Eddy, who couldn't care less, cuts the rope and sends flying to the Lane, where the kids are playing truth-or-dare.

As they recoil, they notice them playing the game, with Jimmy being forced to skip his turn and Jonny being asked to "buzz off" by Kevin as part of the dare. The kids notice the Eds and soon leave when they decide to join the game, but nonetheless, the Eds continue to play by themselves. Ed spins the bottle, which stops, pointing at Eddy. Eddy chooses to do a dare, and Ed tells him that he dares for him to "sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling Row, Row, Row your Boat through a carwash." His friends stare at him blankly and Edd suggests that he should try a more reasonable dare. Ed then dares Eddy to imitate Edd, which he does, mocking Edd's weakness as he does so. Edd spins the bottle, which then points at him, prompting Eddy to dare him to imitate Ed. He does so (by separating his eyes and saying "butter toast") under the condition that Ed acts like Eddy. The trio enjoys acting like each other, and they continue to do so, to the point of even wearing each other's clothing.

The Eds continue their merriment, but Rolf comes along, asking for Ed's "colossal feet" to crush some raspberries to make juice to quench his thirst, but he is gravely confused when he finds that Ed is acting like Eddy and Edd is acting like Ed. He continues to drag Ed (who's currently Eddy) to his backyard to crush raspberries, and is followed by 'Edd' (Eddy) and 'Ed' (Edd). At Rolf's, he temporarily goes out of character by hugging a chicken, despite Eddy's disdain towards birds. Rolf angrily calls for Ed's assistance stomping on the raspberries, but 'Eddy' (Ed) sends 'Ed' (Edd) up to help him. 'Edd' tells Ed that he wants a drink, but mean-guy 'Eddy' inserts 'Edd' mouth by the tap of the vessel that the raspberries are stored in and loosens the valve, causing Eddy to drink up the raspberry juice. Rolf realizes that 'Ed' is indeed Edd and angrily claims that he'd cursed the raspberries to life of salad dressing, but soon he finds that the vessel had been completely emptied by Eddy, who is now severely bloated. 'Eddy' then jumps on Edd causing him to regurgitate the juice. 'Eddy' calls 'Edd' a genius after being inspired by the bloated 'Edd' to get the kids to pay for a blimp ride, but the real Edd thinks that 'Eddy' is referring to him. Rolf, completely soaked in raspberry juices, walks away confused.

The Eds continue their merriment at the Lane, but soon Sarah calls for Ed. The real Ed hides in a bush, as Sarah drags Edd, dressed as Ed, to his room, instructing him to clean 'his' room up, which is inundated with filth, to the fear of the germaphobic Edd, who then falls into Ed's gravy filled bathtub. 'Edd' notices Kevin and tells him a variety of pseudo-scientific statements about him. He asks if he could inspect his nostrils with a telescope, but accidentally sticks his telescope into his ear, enraging Kevin, causing him to chase him to beat him up. 'Eddy' then pops out of the bush and is noticed by Jonny and Plank, who ask why is he acting like Eddy. 'Eddy' tells him that it's a dare and tells him to "buzz off." Jonny and Plank are amused by Ed's interpretation of Eddy and asks him if he could do a dare, to which he agrees. Meanwhile, 'Edd' rushes off to 'his home' and takes refuge in 'his' room, locking the door so Kevin can't get in. However, the real Edd had installed a security system that automatically unlocks a door when an intruder locks himself in, giving Kevin the opportunity to thrash him. Back in the Lane, Jonny had dared Ed to become Plank, and Plank to become Eddy. Then the camera irises in on 'Plank's' (Eddy's) blank facial expression.

Memorable Quotes

  • Eddy: [while playing Truth or Dare] "Okay, dare, Ed!"
    Ed: "Okay, I dare you, Eddy, to sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' through a car wash."
    Edd: "....Ed, try a more reasonable dare, please."

  • Eddy: "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!"
    Ed: "Can I think?"
    Edd & Eddy: "NO!"

  • Rolf: "Ah, the artichoke thickens, are those the 'better-check-your-wallet' Ed-boys?"

  • Eddy: [pretending to be Edd trying to move the bottle] "Oh dear, the insanitary, my skinny arms cannot bear the weight! Oh, oh, I know! I'll move it with my brain."

  • Ed: "I can do Eddy, I practiced!" [pushes eyes together and begins to mimic him] "Can it, Double Dweeb!"
    Eddy: "What do you mean you practiced?"
    Ed: [as Eddy] "Shut up, Sockhead!"
    Eddy: [as Edd] "Please, Eddy, you're invading my personal space!" [laughs]
    All Eds: [laughter]

  • Edd: [falling over after trying to run like Ed] "Curse Ed's horrible posture."

  • Ed: [looking at Rolf's chickens] "The stupid bird stole my quarter! Flew away with it! Stupid."
    Eddy: [looking at Rolf's chickens] "Excuse me, Eddy, may I fuel inject? Chickens cannot fly, as they are mammals!"
    Edd: [looking at Rolf's chickens] "I love chickens, Eddy!" [the Eds laugh]

  • Rolf: "No butter! Raspberries! Squish the fruit, slow-poke Ed-boy! Rolf needs juice for his great thirst."
    Eddy: "Eddy, I too am thirsty, quite partial, to be correct."
    Edd: [from vat] "Parched! The word you're looking for is 'parched!'"
    Ed: "Yeah right lumpy, Parched is a fish."

  • Rolf: [upon realizing that Edd, who is in disguise as Ed, is the one squashing the raspberries] "You are not Ed! You have cursed my raspberries to the life of salad dressing, impostor with tiny feet!"

  • Eddy: "Greetings, Kevin! A pleasure to look at you." [takes out magnifying glass] "May I inspect your nostrils?"

  • Eddy: [As Edd] "Ed, now that they've left, lets make fun of Eddy behind his back."
    Edd: [realizing what Eddy is doing] "Like we always do?"
    Eddy: "A-ha, I knew It!"
    Edd: "You're so gullible Eddy, or as Ed would say; Gravy!" [laughs like Ed and runs away]
    Eddy: [As Edd] "Wait for me. I'm slow and out of shape!"

  • Edd: "Uh-oh! A fence! [smacks into fence on purpose] Gravy!"
    Ed: [using his own voice]: "Aw, come on, Double D! I don't say 'gravy' all the time!"
    Edd: "Buttered toast, then!"
    Eddy: "Toast is so crude. As the crust always gets stuck in my gap."
    Edd: [closes his mouth, covering the gap in his teeth with embarrassment]


  • Goofs:
    • When Edd and Eddy yell "COME BACK ED!" Eddy lifts up a bit of Edd's hat, revealing some baldness. This may possibly be an animation oversight.
    • When Edd runs like Ed, Rolf's unibrow is blue. In the next shot, when he spots the "real" Ed, his unibrow is back to black.
  • This episode is featured in the Ed, Edd n Eddy Vol.1: Edifying Ed-ventures DVD.
  • Sarah: "What am I? His keeper?" - this line is a reference to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. When Cain kills Abel, God asks him where his brother is and Cain answers: "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?"
  • The title of the episode refers to a commonly misquoted line from the witch in the 1937 film Snow White: "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"
  • When Ed excuses his hugging of a chicken by saying it stole his quarter, he is referencing the seagull incident in "Virt-Ed-Go." This reference was made again in "Robbin' Ed."


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Ed Edd n Eddy S02E11 Eds In the Halfshell & Mirror Mirror On the Ed-0

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