Ed, Edd n Eddy

Master Eddy's School of Kung-Fu was a scam that was featured in "Dueling Eds." The scam appears in the beginning when Jonny is amazed by a duplication trick (mirrors) that Eddy does and wants to learn how to do it. The school was simply Eddy's garage quickly renovated into a makeshift Kung-Fu dojo.

The Eds are dressed in their "attire" which comprises mostly of bathrobes, oversized button-down shirts, and socks/ties/cloth for head bands and belts. Eddy offers to enroll Jonny for only a quarter and he believes that this is a great deal, but Plank advises Jonny to "Make like a rocket and take off."

Annoyed, Eddy replaced the car bumper Ed was going to chop in half with Jonny; Edd quickly noticed it and moved Jonny out of the way before Ed could hurt the boy. Eddy found this hilarious, but Jonny didn't laugh, instead choosing to angrily leave.

The scam was soon abandoned when Eddy saw the kids running off to look at something more interesting.

Lessons Offered[]

  • Kick - 25¢
  • HI-YA! - 50¢
  • Hand Chop - 50¢
  • Ninja Pose - 25¢
  • Any 3 Combo - 75¢


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