Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Magnet is a machine that Edd constructed in "Hands Across Ed". It is essentially a giant electromagnet intended to attract metal objects. Eddy tried to use it to attract coins, but failed both times due to failings of the magnet. This is one of Edd's more malfunction-plagued inventions, as in both of its uses it failed miserably.

Its first use was in one of Eddy's schemes. This one was based on attracting coins out of people's pockets by sitting in a tree and using the magnet to lift coins. However, the machine turned out to be, in Edd's words, "Averse to certain metal alloys", rendering it unable to attract coins (although it attracted several other objects). Eventually, the Eds were discovered by Rolf and Kevin and forced to flee, abandoning the scam.

The only other use the magnet had was at the end of the episode, when Eddy once again tried to use it to rob Rolf and Kevin's Show. The magnet failed again, this time because Edd put the batteries in backwards, causing it to spin around and carry the Eds to a dumpster, pinning them against its lid. Soon after pinning them, the lid snapped shut, leaving the Eds stuck in a closed dumpster.

Things Attracted[]


  • Rolf: [upon being affected by the magnet] "It is the curse of the sirens in the hungry tree!"
  • Eddy: [miffed at not finding any money] "Where's the cash?"
    Edd: "Strange, my magnet seems to be averse to certain metal alloys."
  • Eddy: [trying to rob the show] "Hey, Romeo and Juliet! Who's laughing now? Full power, Double D!"
    Edd: "Powering up, Eddy!"
  • Eddy: [pinned to a dumpster lid with his friends] "Double D?"
    Edd: "Silly me, it appears I put the batteries in backwards."
    Eddy: "You sure haven't been on the ball lately, huh, Double D?"


  • Pure gold will not actually be attracted to a magnet, though this is probably just an example of cartoon physics.
  • This is technically an electromagnet, as it relies on an electrical current to attract various metals.


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