Ed, Edd n Eddy
"Yet, it feels unfinished, wanting." --Edd
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Throughout the series, there have been various machines that have been built, most of them by Edd. Most of Edd's machines are somehow involved in Eddy's latest scams or just helping the Eds' in their daily lives. One notable exception is in "Cool Hand Ed," when he is forced to construct a plane on the roof of their school by Eddy to escape the school.

There are four distinct categories of machines — they are Normal, Vehicle, Structure, and Weapon:

  • The "Normal Machines" are generally devices like Edd's Jet Pack or Rolf's Power Generator. They are pretty much just normal machines that each have a certain function.
  • The "Structures" are buildings built for different uses, but are generally used for scams. They are essentially the various structures used as parts of scams, such as the Sky Elevator.
  • The "Weapons" are, of course, weaponry. They are used for fighting but rarely seen. Many of them appeared in "The Eds are Coming" and their intended use was for fighting the "aliens".

Normal Machines[]

Machine Episode Built By
All-in-One French Fry Machine Will Work for Ed Edd
Annoyance Pulley Shoo Ed Edd
Body Heat Seeking Goggles Ed-n-Seek & In Like Ed Edd
Camera Quick Shot Ed Camera manufacturer (Owned by The Eds)
De-icing Machine Look Before You Ed Edd
Diagnosis Machine Flea-Bitten Ed Edd
Dumpster Pulley Dawn of the Eds The Eds
Ed's Video Camera An Ed is Born Camera manufacturer (Owned by Ed)
Edd's Labeler Several Labeler manufacturer (Owned by Edd)
Elevation Boots A Pinch to Grow an Ed Edd
Excavator One of Those Eds Edd
Face Examiner The Luck of the Ed Edd
Giant Doll Knock Knock Who's Ed? Edd
Grappling Hook Gun In Like Ed Edd
Hair Brusher Boys Will Be Eds Edd
Hammock Pulley Virt-Ed-Go Edd
Jawbreaker Divider Ed or Tails Edd and Eddy
Jet Pack In Like Ed Edd
Jimmy's Oven An Ed Too Many & Rent-a-Ed Toy manufacturer (Owned by Jimmy)
Lawn Chair Carousel Eds-Aggerate The Eds
Magnet Hands Across Ed Edd
Magnification Goggles Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Rolf
Newspaper Shooter Read All About Ed & 3 Squares and an Ed Edd
Opera-Matic 3 Squares and an Ed Edd
Outdoor Shower Over Your Ed Edd
Periscope In Like Ed & Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Edd
Popcorn King Ready, Set... Ed! & Little Ed Blue A Factory (Owned by Eddy)
Power Generator Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed Rolf
Prize Grabber Who Let the Ed In? The Eds
Recorder Bucket In Like Ed Edd
Rolf's Wiener Machine Quick Shot Ed Wiener machine manufacturer (Owned by Rolf)
Sarah's Soothing Sickness System Is There an Ed in the House? Edd (Owned by Sarah)
The Lie Detector The Ed-Touchables Edd
Thingamajig Robbin' Ed Edd
Transmitter Mop In Like Ed Edd
Treehouse Pulley Oath to an Ed Edd
Volcano Vacuum 3 Squares and an Ed Edd


Vehicle Episode Built By
Abandoned Hearse Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw Automotive Company
Alien Spaceship The Eds are Coming Aliens
Ambulance One of Those Eds Automotive Company
Big Daddy Cruiser Ed, Ed and Away The Eds
Bouncy Bubble Cry Ed Edd
Bumper Cars Gimme, Gimme Never Ed The Eds
Various Buses Several Edd/Bus Manufacturer/Eddy
Cloud Platform From Here to Ed Edd
Eddy's Brother's Car O-Ed Eleven & Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Automotive Company (owned by Eddy's Brother)
Garbage Scooter Don't Rain on My Ed Edd
Garbage Truck Quick Shot Ed Automotive Company
Hide n Seek Wagon Ed-n-Seek Ed
Ice Cream Truck Laugh Ed Laugh The Eds
Jawbreaker Satellite Stop, Look and Ed Edd
Kevin's Bike Several Bike Manufacturer (owned by Kevin)
Land Windsurfer Run Ed Run Edd
Luxury Cruise Liner Avast Ye Eds The Eds
Mail Van Look Into My Eds Automotive Company
Nice Car Sir Ed-a-Lot Automotive Company
Piggy Bank Belly Pumper Fa-La-La-La-Ed Edd
Pirate Ship Avast Ye Eds The Kanker Sisters
Plane Cool Hand Ed Edd
Professor Scam Flyer Robbin' Ed Eddy or Edd
Prototype Rocket Dawn of the Eds Edd
Rocket Car Ready, Set... Ed! Edd
Rolling Pin Roader Ed or Tails Edd
Rope Climber Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo Edd
S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Edd
Sewer Boat High Heeled Ed Edd
Skateboard Several Skateboard Manufacturer
Sled From Here to Ed & Look Before You Ed Edd
Steamroller Don't Rain on My Ed Heavy Equipment Manufacturer (owned by a construction company)
Student Driver Car Is There an Ed in the House? The Eds
The Retro Van Dawn of the Eds, Dueling Eds & A Twist of Ed Automotive Company
Rolf's Tractor Several Tractor Manufacturer (owned by Rolf)
SS Too Rich Stiff Upper Ed The Eds
The Eds' Bike Dawn of the Eds, A Boy and His Ed, & Ready, Set... Ed! Bicycle Manufacturer (owned by the Eds)
Tricycle Several Tricycle Manufacturer
Unicycle Several Unknown, possibly Rolf
Wagon Several Wagon Manufacturer


Structure Episode Built By
Club Ed Treehouse Virt-Ed-Go The Eds
Edtropolis Urban Ed The Eds
Election Headquarters For the Ed, by the Ed Edd
Fake Bush-Bunker Hideout Ed-n-Seek The Eds
Golden Gate Bridge Model Scrambled Ed Edd
Hypnotism Theater Look Into My Eds The Eds
Lady Liberty Pain in the Ed Edd
Life-Size Dinosaur An Ed Too Many The Eds
Log of No Return Gimme, Gimme Never Ed The Eds
Old World Village Wish You Were Ed The Eds
Queen Trap Sir Ed-a-Lot Edd
Requiem for a Whiplash Gimme, Gimme Never Ed The Eds
Sarah's Throne Sir Ed-a-Lot Edd
Sky Elevator They Call Him Mr. Ed Ed & Edd
Tooth Fairy Landing Strip Floss Your Ed The Eds
World's Scariest BMX Ramp Ready, Set... Ed! Edd


Weapon Episode Built By
Alien Vacuum The Eds are Coming Eddy
Baking Powder Vapor Barrier In Like Ed Edd
Bowling Ball Cannon The Eds are Coming The Eds
Canadian Squirt Gun Know it All Ed The Eds
Canadian Squirt Gatling Gun Know it All Ed The Eds
Chunky Puff Gun The Eds are Coming Kevin
Dandelion Perfume The Eds are Coming Jimmy
El Mongo Stink Bomb Fool on the Ed Eddy (invented by Eddy's Brother)
Gravy Trap Robbin' Ed The Eds
Laser Guns Dawn of the Eds The Eds
Kanker Rubber Cement Know it All Ed The Kanker Sisters
Krankshaft No.5 Know it All Ed The Kanker Sisters
Sub-Zero Battlesuit The Eds are Coming Edd