Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Cruise Liner was featured in "Avast Ye Eds". The Eds built the cruise liner for Eddy's latest scam, Eddy's Creek Cruise. Although the ship had more room--the ship had capacity for two all-first-class passengers, (excluding Plank), and the Eds forming the crew. The ship was composed of a large inner tube with its superstructure attached. It could have either been powered by the wind, an Ed-Engine, or perhaps by simply drifting with the current. The cruise was a largely successful scam, but they soon ran into trouble. The Kanker Sisters became pirates and also built a ship, which they used to attack the cruise liner. The two ships one-upped each other until the Kankers won. The ship's Achilles' heel was its inner tube, which bobby pins fired by the Kanker Sisters could puncture. After sinking, the deflated vessel was salvaged and given to a confused Rolf. The ship seemed to have a cruising speed of about 5mph and a top speed of about 20mph (if powered by Ed). It was one of three seaworthy vehicles made by the Eds, the others being the Sewer Boat and the S.S. Mutant Almost a Chicken Duck.


After the Pedal Steel Guitar concert by Edd. Jonny sighted the ship, Ed looked through the incorrect end of the telescope to sight the ship, Eddy yelled at Ed to give him the telescope, Eddy sighted the Kanker Sisters' pirate ship and yells out to Ed to make more speed, but the Kankers somehow handed out the main sail to catch up to the Eds, Eddy yelled to do something, Ed used his mouth to make more speed but Marie hands out a weed eater to stop the Eds from escaping but the Eds drifted away after Jonny used Plank to tear a rip on The Kanker Sisters' sail, Lee forced May to intercept them, May shot the Bobby pin at the stern which Eddy pull it out which made deflate and propel everyone on it all over the river, the ship kept deflated and spun out of control and went into the bottom of the Creek once it ran out of air.

Construction Items[]

  • Large Inner Tube/Tire (Main Hull & Promenade Deck)
  • Cooler (Central Hull & Galley)
  • Two Metal Poles (Mast & Yard)
  • Shorts (Sail)
  • Basket (Crow's-Nest)
  • Ed's Mom's Dryer/Oven (Anchor)
  • Jug (Horn)
  • Ed (Ed-Engine)
  • Hockey Stick (Top Mast)