Ed, Edd n Eddy

Luck O'the Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Eddy believes that rubbing Kevin's head is good luck.


The Eds are rummaging through the Junkyard for anything worth reselling. Eventually, Eddy comes across a statue resembling the Venus de Milo. Believing it to be worthless (owing to the missing arms), he tosses it aside. Suddenly, Eddy sees what appears to be a brand new bowling ball. As such, he dives over a wall to get it.

The bowling ball turns out to be Kevin's helmet. Not amused by the confusion, Kevin pummels Eddy. After this incident, Edd notices that Eddy has something stuck to his forehead. Upon examination, it is revealed to be a quarter. Ecstatic, Ed has them all rush off to the Candy Store.

Later, as the Eds are enjoying their jawbreakers, Ed theorizes that Eddy got a quarter by rubbing Kevin's head. Believing this to be true, Eddy seeks to do it again.

In the Lane, Kevin is attempting to jump over Rolf's livestock on his bike. Mid-jump, he is grabbed using a contraption Edd built. With Kevin immobilized, Eddy swings down from a tree, and rubs Kevin's head. Annoyed, Kevin frees himself, and rides away, abandoning the stunt. Searching for a quarter, Eddy looks under a rock. Miraculously, he finds one. Once again, the Eds rush off to the Candy Store. Jimmy was upset that the Ed’s ruined Kevin's stunt, while Rolf was more displeased over the lack of notice for his trained livestock.

While walking back to the Cul-De-Sac, Edd expresses his disbelief of Kevin's head being lucky. Regardless, Eddy is determined to keep rubbing it.

At a distance, Kevin notices the Eds getting closer. Seeking to avoid them, he runs away. This does not work, though, as he gets stuck in a glue trap laid by the Eds. Once again, Eddy manages to rub Kevin's head by suspending himself from a rope.

For the third time that day, the Eds visit the Candy Store. Again, Edd voices another concern about stalking Kevin: the day is almost over, and they have to get home for dinner soon. Interpreting this as a time challenge, Eddy seeks to rub all the luck out of Kevin's head.

With time against him, Eddy lays trap after trap; rubbing Kevin's head each time he snares him. Wrapping up for the day, Eddy has amassed a jar of quarters. Hoping to rub Kevin's head one more time, Eddy sets off to find him.

Spotting someone wearing a red hat, Eddy pounces onto it. To his surprise, the person wearing the hat is Jonny, who reveals that he got the hat (and even some of Kevin's hairs) from Kevin. Edd apologizes for the mix-up and was about to leave when Jonny wants them to rub his head some more, which Eddy rejects. Suddenly, the Eds find themselves and Jonny locked in a cage made from fencing. In a twist of fate, Kevin manages to trick Eddy. Jonny, meanwhile, wants Eddy to continue rubbing his head, and chases after him and Edd while Ed attempts to break out of the fencing, all while Kevin and Plank watch with amusement.


  • Goof: The Eds each get a jawbreaker at the Candy Store with the quarters Eddy comes across. Each quarter, however, should only have been enough to buy one jawbreaker, as they cost 25¢ each.
    • It is possible the events of this comic happened before, or shortly after "The Ed-Touchables". In that episode, Eddy mentions that jawbreakers cost 5¢. For the rest of the series, the cost is raised to a quarter.
  • Like the episode "The Luck of the Ed", the comic's title is a reference to the term "The Luck of the Irish".