Ed, Edd n Eddy

Look, But Don't Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Edd invents a device to stop people from invading his personal space. It was published in the Cartoon Network Block Party comic series, issue #22.


Edd is attempting to do his usual activities, such as reading and experimentation. Each time, though, he is bothered by one of the kids. Fed up with this, Edd takes to his garage and builds his latest invention: a personal alarm rigged up to a helmet. The alarm will trigger if anyone approaches closer than two and three-quarter feet.

Almost immediately, Ed and Eddy find a way to play around with this invention. Rather than respecting Edd's personal space, they are simply enticed to get closer, and trigger the alarm for fun. Seeing the need for an update, Edd goes back to the drawing board.

A while later, Edd debuts the latest update to his invention. Rather than an alarm, he now has an entire plexiglass box around him, called the "Personal Space Plexi-Manifest Zooo". Frustrated with being shut out, Eddy attempts to get inside the box, to no avail. Satisfied with his invention's effectiveness, Edd goes off to read a book undisturbed. As Edd walks off, Ed comments how Edd's box resembles an aquarium from a movie he saw. Seeing an opportunity for a scam, Eddy rushes off with Ed.

Edd is reading a calculus book under a tree. Suddenly, a lasso is thrown around his box. Trapped, Ed and Eddy tow the box to a garage (presumably Eddy's). In the final panel, Eddy is shown to have repurposed Edd's box as a ticket booth for a movie theater scam, with Edd as a reluctant attendant.


  • Eddy breaks the fourth wall when he says, "What is this, a funny book or something?"