Ed, Edd n Eddy

Below is a list of scams that the Eds (and, occasionally, other characters) have created over the series.

The majority of the scams were failures but there were a few semi-failures, in which a profit was made but the scam was either abandoned or destroyed. Full successes have occurred as well, but only on rare occasions.

Season 1[]

  • Serial Toucher Catcher
    Overview: The Eds try to catch the thief who was, supposedly, stealing various items from the kids.
    Profit: A jar full of quarters.
    Success/Failure: The Eds get a jar full of quarters and buy jawbreakers, but Jonny comes rolling down a hill and knocks the Eds' jawbreakers out of their mouths, forcing the Eds to chase after them.
    Episode: The Ed-Touchables

  • En-O-Gee Drinks
    Overview: The cliché roadside lemonade stand.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed accidentally breaks the stand with his clumsy bulk and spills the drink.
    Episode: Over Your Ed

  • The Ed Show
    Overview: The Kids pay to see Ed say catch phrases and perform entertaining gestures.
    Profit: A jar full of quarters from the kids.
    Failure: The Kanker Sisters interrupted the show, exposed Ed as a uncool fraud, dumped the Eds into a wheelbarrow of manure, and stole all the money.
    Episode: Over Your Ed

  • Soda Bottle Refund (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Ed goes dumpster diving for recyclables to exchange for change.
    Profit: Unknown.
    Success: This was one of the few scams that worked (although admittedly it didn't involve the kids). The Eds got several bottles but got distracted on the way to get their profit. It is likely they returned to finish this scam after the episode ended.
    Episode: Dawn of the Eds

  • Paper Routes
    Overview: The Eds deliver newspapers around the neighborhood to earn money.
    Profit: Unknown. The Eds successfully completed at least one of their routes and were still shown to be employed at the end of the episode, so they may have gotten some pay.
    Semi-failure: Eddy ordered an overwhelming amount of papers that they couldn't effectively deliver, and Edd's newspaper machine went haywire, firing stray papers all over the neighborhood. To make things worse, several short unexpected summer rains at the end of the episode made all the stray papers soggy and unreadable, and the Eds had to ensure that the papers were in good condition upon delivery if they were to get paid for them.
    Episode: Read All About Ed

  • Ed's Buses
    Overview: Have the kids pay to ride a cardboard bus pulled by Ed down to the Candy Store.
    Profit: One quarter from each kid.
    Semi-failure: The Eds jumped off the runaway bus before it crashed with the kids still inside. Edd claims a refund will be given, but the Eds are never shown giving the kids their money back.
    Episode: Look Into My Eds

  • Wrestling Match (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: The Eds wrestle the Kankers. (This was a spur of the moment challenge from the Kankers, so it is never revealed whether the kids were charged.)
    Profit: Unknown.
    Semi-failure: The kids are given no reason to ask for a refund, but they were never shown paying to see the fight. The Eds were easily defeated.
    Episode: Tag Yer Ed

  • Ice Cream Truck
    Overview: To sell baseballs painted as "ice cream" to the kids.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The kids were all quarantined with chickenpox and couldn't buy the "ice cream".
    Episode: Laugh Ed Laugh

  • Find the Nut
    Overview: A crazed Eddy's plan to con some squirrels.
    Profit: Various nuts.
    Success: Eddy stuffs the nuts in his mouth and escapes Ed and Edd.
    Episode: Laugh Ed Laugh

  • Ed's Mart
    Overview: A houseside stand that sold the kids' unintentionally eaten food back to them. This only worked because of Ed's sleepeating habits.
    Profit: 50 cents (likely more)
    Success: Everyone needed breakfast, and the kids were so hungry they didn't even bother to ask where the food came from or whether the Eds might have some connection to the lack of food in their houses.
    Episode: A Glass of Warm Ed

  • Ed's Pet Boutique
    Overview: The Eds take your pets (or Rolf's farm animals) and have them groomed for you.
    Profit: Unknown.
    Failure: Rolf's bunnies bred so rapidly they flooded the entire Cul-de-Sac, and the Eds were never seen collecting payment. Regardless, they abandoned the scam before the rabbit apocalypse in order to take care of Ed's allergies, and wouldn't have been able to go to the Candy Store anyway due to the bunny flood.
    Episode: Flea-Bitten Ed

  • Ed's Lawn Mowing Service
    Overview: To mow everyone's lawn for cash.
    Profit: Unknown. We never see any customers, but Eddy is satisfied with the results in a way that suggests that they will be paid after returning Victor.
    Semi-failure: The Eds successfully get Victor back to Rolf but get stuck with him in a mud pit, where Victor tried to eat their hair (and Edd's hat). The Eds might have gotten their payment after they were freed from Victor.
    Episode: Keeping up with the Eds

  • Ed-Land
    Overview: A small carnival assembled with cheap rides made of various items.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Eddy flew off the Lawn Chair Carousel and broke Kevin's window. When Kevin angrily demanded to know who broke his window, Eddy told him a lie about "Mucky Boys," which spread through the neighborhood and led the other kids to go on a hunt for the Mucky Boys. Upon witnessing this, the scam was abandoned so the Eds could pretend to be the Mucky Boys and not get caught in a lie.
    Episode: Eds-Aggerate

  • Ed's Tire Swing (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Have the kids pay to swing on an inner-tube-like-tire.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The kids weren't interested in riding.
    Episode: Avast Ye Eds

Season 2[]

  • Eddy the Sheriff
    Overview: The Eds oversee the Cul-de-Sac for "lawbreakers" and gives them fines.
    Profit: A jar of quarters and one bottlecap.
    Failure: The kids refused to pay their so-called fines, but paid for protection from the Kankers. The Kankers promptly stole the cash.
    Episode: Know it All Ed

  • Gelatin Pool
    Overview: A gelatin pool to cool off in, mimicing the feel of the ocean.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The gelatin was impossible to swim in, as Edd underestimated its thickness. Ed also ate all the gelatin.
    Episode: Knock Knock Who's Ed?

  • Rocket Car
    Overview: A rocket car that can take you across the world in a flash!
    Profit: None; the Eds didn't charge the kids, as this was just done to try and gain respect.
    Failure: Kevin found out the rocket car was a fake, showed everybody else the truth, then proceeded to tie up Ed and Edd before sending it into the sky by overloading Eddy's Popcorn King machine. When it came down, it ran through the World's Scariest BMX Ramp and broke apart at the bottom of the course.
    Episode: Ready, Set... Ed!

  • Magnet (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview:The Eds hide in a tree with a high powered magnet to steal loose change from the passing kids.
    Profit: Kevin's wrench, tire pump, boombox (they throw this back), and a cassette from the boombox.
    Semi-failure: The Eds keep the wrench, tire pump, and broken cassette (and the magnet), but do not get any money and are chased into the Junkyard by Kevin and Rolf.
    Episode: Hands Across Ed

  • Ed Telethon
    Overview: A telethon featuring the neighborhood kids to raise money for Ed's "eyebrow operation".
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Jimmy's act failed horribly and made the kids lose interest.
    Episode: Hands Across Ed

  • Rolf & Kevin's Show (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: The Hunter (Kevin) hunts the Hairless Otter (Rolf). It is all a play.
    Profit: A lot of quarters
    Success: The kids enjoy the show and literally just throw their loose change while applauding.
    Episode: Hands Across Ed
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • Robbing Rolf & Kevin's Show
    Overview: The Eds try to use the giant electro-magnet from earlier in the episode to steal the money from Rolf and Kevin's show.
    Profit: None
    Failure: The magnet is set to reverse and is attracted to a dumpster behind the Eds, which causes it to fly backwards, carrying the Eds as it crashes into the dumpster, leaving the Eds trapped in the dumpster.
    Episode: Hands Across Ed

  • Ed's Sea Adventure
    Overview: You get to go through the Eds' cheaply assembled water-themed park.
    Profit: Three coconuts.
    Failure: Jonny only had coconuts to pay for the ride. After he paid, Ed tried to eat the coconuts, but discovered a toothache, which led to the abandonment of the scam.
    Episode: Floss Your Ed

  • The Eds' Garage Sale
    Overview: A garage sale selling overpriced junk.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Everyone else was at Kevin's garage sale.
    Episode: In Like Ed

  • Kevin's Garage Sale
    Overview: A garage sale selling stuff at cheap prices.
    Profit: $20 from Rolf, more from the other kids (as Sarah, Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank were all seen with purchases or making purchases).
    Success: Everyone was buying from Kevin.
    Episode: In Like Ed
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • Eds' Service Station
    Overview: Kids pay 25 cents for something to be repaired.
    Profit: 25 cents
    Success: Rolf needed to use the restroom, and stopped at the service station; upon being told that the restrooms were for paying customers only, he hired the Eds to fix his tractor. Eddy then gave Rolf the restroom key and destroyed his tractor by crashing it into a fence and a tree.
    Episode: Home Cooked Eds

  • Séance (actual name unknown)
    Overview: Eddy acts like a swami, pretending to summon a ghost.
    Profit: 75 cents.
    Failure: Sarah interrupted the summoning and dragged Ed (who was playing the ghost) away, leading Eddy's clients to demand a refund.
    Episode: Rambling Ed

  • Key Ransom (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: The Eds found a key, and try to give it back to its original owner (for a reward of course).
    Profit: Would have been a bag of (or, given how everyone came, several bags of) jawbreakers. The kids abandoned their jawbreakers, so it's possible the Eds got them after escaping the Kankers.
    Failure: The kids thought that the perpetrator stole something from them, and they didn't care about the key. Plus, the key actually belonged to Ed and the Eds ended up being captured by the Kankers and forced to play footsies.
    Episode: Key to My Ed

  • Jonny's Obstacle Course (The real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Have Jonny get excited by having him go through an obstacle course to trick him into putting a quarter in the Eds' jar.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Jonny saw through The Eds scam and refused to pay.
    Episode: Urban Ed

  • Edtropolis
    Overview: A cardboard city filled with scams (just like the real big city).
    Profit: 1 bottle cap, a jar of quarters (lost), and a worm.
    Semi-failure: The kids enjoy the city, but towards the end of the episode, Jonny steals all of Eddy's profits, tosses them to the crowd, and flattens two buildings. Edd and Ed get beaten up for Eddy's money and lose it all, while Eddy and Jonny accidentally flatten 2 buildings. The kids then quickly vacate the city, and Ed tips over the rest of buildings like dominoes and puts the worm he finds down Eddy's shirt.
    Episode: Urban Ed

  • Ed's Tattoo Parlur
    Overview: Ed draws tattoos using a marker.
    Profit: A jar of quarters.
    Failure: Jonny threw the jar of money off a building, letting everyone get refunds.
    Episode: Urban Ed
    Note: This was a scam within the Edtropolis scam.

  • Jawbreaker Satellite
    Overview: A satellite that tracks down all jawbreakers within a 5-block radius of the Cul-de-Sac (according to Edd).
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed let go of the propeller too early, sending the satellite flying and making the whole thing crash into Eddy, Jimmy and eventually a tree, destroying it.
    Episode: Stop, Look and Ed

  • Haunted House Dare
    Overview: Kevin dares the Eds to go into the Old Abandoned House for a jawbreaker.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The Eds decide to fool the kids into thinking they're being murdered by ghosts. However, when Ed accidentally gives away the trick, the kids get angry and leave, and Kevin eats the jawbreaker.
    Episode: Honor Thy Ed

  • Eds' Sea Ranch
    Overview: Basically what you get when the Eds try to recreate Sea World.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The gates collapsed, damming the creek and causing it to flood the Cul-de-Sac.
    Episode: Scrambled Ed

  • Chez la Sweat
    Overview: Have a relaxing day at the sauna in Jonny's house.
    Profit: A jar of quarters.
    Semi-failure: Rolf's towel fell off, causing everyone to leave in fear and disgust, and when towel-rack Ed showed up with a towel for Rolf, he broke the support beam of the house, causing it to collapse. However, The Flying Eduardo Brothers managed to get away from Jonny and the other kids, so they may have kept their money.
    Episode: Rent-a-Ed

  • Eds' Pest Removal
    Overview: The Eds train Jonny to be an annoying pest, then bring him to you, and you pay them to get rid of him.
    Profit: 55 cents (30 from Kevin, 25 from Jimmy).
    Failure: Jonny trapped the Eds in a shed with Rolf's animals and annoyed the animals so that they would injure the Eds.
    Episode: Shoo Ed

  • Gerbil For A Day
    Overview: 25 cents for 25 seconds in a cage with Ed pretending to be a gerbil, plus a free salt lick.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Kevin thought the scam was lame. Sarah then arrived and took Ed.
    Episode: Ed in a Halfshell

  • Jimmy's Trampoline Scam (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: The kids pay 25 cents for 25 seconds of jumping on the trampoline. Was also Jimmy's first scam, as a test made up by Eddy.
    Profit: A whole jar of quarters.
    Success: Jimmy got a jar of quarters.
    Episode: Ed in a Halfshell
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • Snuggle-me-Ed
    Overview: Ed covered in a snuggly costume in an attempt to attract girls.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed gets scared when he mishears "hug" as "bug" and runs into the fence. The fence then collapses on the (uninterested) clients.
    Episode: High Heeled Ed

  • Ed's Jewelry
    Overview: A store with kitchen utensils, and unintentionally Ed's pants, painted in gold paint.
    Profit: $5 from Jimmy (but only briefly).
    Failure: Sarah, Nazz and Jimmy realized it was fake gold when Ed's pants broke. They proceeded to take a refund.
    Episode: High Heeled Ed

  • Christmas Caroling
    Overview: The Eds sing Christmas Carols at the kids' houses for cash.
    Profit: Over $2.00 and a strip of bacon.
    Success: Eddy got plenty of money and bought a bunch of jawbreakers. However, Ed gave them away to the kids (although Ed implied he kept one for himself).
    Episode: Fa-La-La-La-Ed

Season 3[]

  • Talk to the Magic Shoe
    Overview: Trick Rolf into making a wish by talking to the magic shoe (really Ed's stinky shoe).
    Profit: $1.50 (in quarters)
    Success: Rolf never asked for his money back, and was happy to be back home.
    Episode: Wish You Were Ed

  • Old World Village
    Overview: Setting up a fake village to try to trick Rolf into thinking that he was back in his hometown, then attempting to sell various items to him.
    Profit: 2 chickens.
    Failure: Jonny broke the illusion of the village and Rolf realized it was all a scam. He then proceeded to play "That's My Horse" so that Ed would beat up his friends.
    Episode: Wish You Were Ed

  • Master Eddy's School of Kung-Fu
    Overview: A school in Eddy's garage for the kids to learn the Eds' limited understanding of Kung-Fu.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Jonny was almost busted in half by Ed's head chop (to punish Plank for his disinterest in the scam), and the Eds abandoned the scam upon seeing the kids heading to Rolf's house.
    Episode: Dueling Eds

  • Exotic Pets
    Overview: A pet store with fake pets made from various items.
    Profit: 25 cents (maybe more).
    Success: Jonny paid 25 cents for an "iguana" (really just a sprinkler) and Rolf was amazed by Ed's "snake charming" trick.
    Episode: Dim Lit Ed

  • Work For Rolf (The real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Ed works for Rolf.
    Profit: 3 Jawbreakers.
    Success: After Edd engaged in labor negotiation on Ed's behalf, the Eds got jawbreakers and all three were hired on.
    Episode: Will Work for Ed

  • Krazy Ed'z Kustom Hot Bikes
    Overview: A store with poorly-made but awesome-looking bikes.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The bike Kevin wanted fell apart when he tested it. Afterwards, a balloon caught the Eds attention and they abandoned the scam.
    Episode: Ed, Ed and Away

  • Chimp Wurld
    Overview: A monkey and banana themed playground. Costs 50 cents, rather than the usual 25 cents.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: After the Eds lost parts of Ed's chimp costume, they abandoned the scam to try and find his costume. The kids found it while they were searching, and went in without paying, getting caught in the wreckage of the scam due to its poor construction.
    Episode: See No Ed

  • See Zit Boy Eddy
    Overview: Jonny 2x4 and Plank charge the kids to see Eddy's zit.
    Profit: $1.25 (presumably)
    Semi-failure: Double D became angry because the kids were mocking Eddy's zit, and ordered everyone out of Eddy's house. However, Jonny was not forced to give refunds.
    Episode: X Marks the Ed
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • Ed's Polar Sled Ride
    Overview: The kids ride around a street full of fake snow on a sled driven by Ed and Edd.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: When Rolf kicked a soccer ball into the sled's path, Kevin went to get it and Ed had to make a sharp turn to avoid him, causing a crash. Nazz, Jonny, Plank, Sarah and Jimmy demanded a refund as a result, and beat up Eddy after he denied them.
    EpisodeFrom Here to Ed

  • Eds' Sandwiches
    Overview: A sandwich stand which sells sandwiches.
    Profit: Unknown (probably a quarter or more). The profit did survive.
    Semi-failure: Victor tried to steal Jimmy's sandwich, and Ed destroyed the stand by plowing through it. However, a refund was never demanded, so it is implied that the Eds kept their profits.
    Episode: Boys Will Be Eds

  • Rent-A-Clown
    Overview: Rent a clown (Ed and Edd) for a day, including your favorite, Slappy (Ed)!
    Profit: None.
    Failure: No one was interested, and the Eds abandoned the scam when they learned that Ed had gotten two Slovak jawbreakers in the mail.
    Episode: Ed or Tails

  • Log of No Return
    Overview: Another ride for Plank, with his weakness, termites.
    Profit: 50 cents.
    Semi-failure: Plank survived the ride and had a good time doing so; however, in the process, the Eds fell into the river and ended up going over a waterfall.
    Episode: Gimme, Gimme Never Ed

  • Requiem for a Whiplash
    Overview: An insane roller coaster spiraling through the junkyard for Plank.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Plank tricked the Eds into riding it, making the cash Eddy had made from the previous scams slip from his pockets and fall back to Jonny.
    Episode: Gimme, Gimme Never Ed

  • Ponce de la Ed
    Overview: A restaurant run by the Eds, located in Eddy's house.
    Profit: None (initially Jimmy bribed Eddy with a dollar to get in, but he retrieved it when the scam failed).
    Failure: Ed wasted all of the food they had, so he pretended to be a turkey and scared the kids away.
    Episode: Ed... Pass it On...

  • Smack Eddy Into A Tree (The real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Ed & Edd were tired of all the scams Eddy made them do, and made Eddy suffer for them. The kids use a high-striker style game to smack a wedgied Eddy into a tree.
    Profit: A jar of pennies, plus a gigantic bag of pennies from Rolf.
    Success: As it cost only one penny to hurt Eddy, the kids were all interested (sales were also partially buoyed by the opportunity to hurt Eddy with no chance of repercussions). Ed and Edd paid Sarah back with the profits, and may even have had some money left over due to the number of turns Rolf paid for.
    Episode: Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?

  • Ed Way
    Overview: A carnival midway made from cardboard and various suburban litter.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed Way never opened, and Ed and Eddy destroyed part of the midway, making the Eds abandon the scam.
    Episode: The Day the Ed Stood Still

  • Wall of Chunky Puffs (The real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: A hasty scam to earn 50 cents per kid by plucking them from a wall (after Edzilla sticks them to it using chewed up Chunky Puffs).
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The kids didn't want to pay initially, and Edzilla showed up before more time could pass to convince them.
    Episode: The Day the Ed Stood Still

Season 4[]

  • Ed's Peek Into the Future
    Overview: The Eds build futuristic technology inside Ed's garage, with moving pathways, an all-purpose machine operated by Ed, and TV shoes.
    Profit: 50 cents.
    Semi-failure: Nazz told Eddy about the free jawbreakers, making the Eds abandon the scam. Eddy still got 50 cents from Jonny and Plank, but Ed ended up burying the scam when commanded to by his mother (via Sarah).
    Episode: Don't Rain on My Ed

  • Raccoon Round-Up
    Overview: A shooting game that Ed who dressed up as a raccoon is the target.
    Profit: 25 cents from Rolf.
    Failure: Jonny stopped Rolf from shooting Ed. Sarah then revealed that the "raccoon" was really Ed, and everyone left (with Rolf pausing to take his refund).
    Episode: Once Bitten, Twice Ed

  • Mutant Land
    Overview: Same as above but this time Ed dressed up as a mutant alien.
    Profit: 25 cents from Rolf.
    Failure: Jonny once again stopped Rolf, the kids realized it was the same as Raccoon Round-Up, and everybody left, with Rolf once again repossessing his quarter.
    Episode: Once Bitten, Twice Ed

  • Fridge Land
    Overview: Same scam but with food.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Same as above, and Sarah also realizes Eddy's plan and throws the walkie-talkie at his face.
    Episode: Once Bitten, Twice Ed

  • Bathroom World
    Overview: Same scam but with toilets.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Wilfred was the only one to come...with no money.
    Episode: Once Bitten, Twice Ed
    Note: Raccoon Round-Up through Bathroom World are all the same scam with minor tweaks.

  • Wishing Well
    Overview: Make a wish in a fake wishing well.
    Profit: 50 cents.
    Success: The Eds keep the money from Jimmy and Sarah, but end up abandoning the scam in favor of an attempt to make Jimmy into a sumo wrestler.
    Episode: One Size Fits Ed

  • Get Rich Off Jimmy's Sumo-Wrestling In Japan
    Overview: Get Jimmy fat enough to be a sumo wrestler and then become rich off of his subsequent popularity.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: When Edd informed Eddy that they had to go to Japan, Eddy angrily almost gave up (and refused to let Edd help any more), but instead attempted to get Jimmy to Japan using various methods, the last of which (a lamppost catapult) resulted in Jimmy landing on both Eddy and Ed with all of his weight, crushing them and causing severe injuries that required care by Edd.
    Episode: One Size Fits Ed
    Note: After this scam failed, Sarah was seen forcing Jimmy to exercise and work off the weight, which led Eddy to propose that they open a weight-loss clinic. However, it is unknown whether this idea occurred offscreen or was abandoned.

  • Eds' Beds
    Overview: Mattresses salvaged from the junkyard that the Eds made look like real beds.
    Profit: 25 cents from Rolf, probably no other profits.
    Failure: Rolf beat up Eddy after the bed he was sold broke his back. Afterwards Eddy abandoned the scam to scrape off a quarter from the ground.
    Episode: One of Those Eds

  • Ed Co.
    Overview: Ed Co. goes up!
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The scam had no actual way to generate revenue; Eddy's only concern was "going up" and it was never shown how this might make money. The company also went downhill anyway due to the hired kid employees quitting due to not getting payed.
    Episode: They Call Him Mr. Ed

  • Soda Bottle Refund (the real name of the scam is unknown)
    Overview: Empty out soda bottles and cash them in for refunds.
    Profit: Unknown.
    Semi-failure: The Eds were distracted by Plank's coronation and forgot about the scam. They could have very well gone back to finish this scam later.
    Episode: For the Ed, by the Ed

  • The Hunt for Edosaurus
    Overview: The Eds venture into showbiz with a silent black-and-white movie.
    Profit: Several quarters.
    Semi-failure: While it would be assumed that a food fight led to the failure of the scam, it in fact sparked a run on the concessions stand, providing the majority of the profits. The real failure came when Ed arrived, threw everyone out, and locked Eddy's money in the garage. It is possible that Eddy retrieved the money after Ed let them back into his house.
    Episode: Little Ed Blue

  • Ed's Spittin' Image of Wax
    Overview: The Eds make wax models of the kids.
    Profit: A whole bunch of quarters.
    Failure: Kevin found out Eddy's embarrassing middle name and started torturing him with the knowledge, which led to Eddy shutting down the scam in order to focus on keeping Kevin pacified, up to and including surrendering the profit.
    Episode: Your Ed Here

  • Ed's Dinosaur Park
    Overview: A time machine that sends the kids back to the inaccurate Triassic period of "yesteryear" to face dinosaurs that are actually animatronics.
    Profit: Approximately 25 cents each from Jonny, Plank and Jimmy (75 cents).
    Semi-failure: Jonny found out the park was a fake and that they hadn't gone back in time when Ed, disguised as a Triceratops, leaped into the mouth of an animatronic T-Rex controlled by Edd. However, it was not shown whether a refund was demanded.
    Episode: The Good Ol' Ed
    Note: This scam was seen in a flashback by Edd, so it may not have actually happened.

  • Triple-E Frog Jumping Derby
    Overview: Catch frogs and have the kids race to win mittens.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed's lucky cheese-chuck Sheldon made Edd refuse to help find frogs for the scam. As a result, the Eds couldn't capture frogs or succeed in any manner at going through with the scam.
    Episode: Thick as an Ed

  • Thingamajig
    Overview: A small vending machine with assorted goods in it to give you what you need when you need it.
    Profit: A bunch of quarters.
    Failure: Edd only made one prototype, which meant that the Eds sold boxes full of unwanted products to the kids. In retaliation, Captain Melonhead appeared, beat up Eddy, took his money, and gave everyone a refund.
    Episode: Robbin' Ed

  • Dr. Ed's Ultra Dude
    Overview: The Eds sell various hygiene products door-to-door to the kids as "character-enhancing ointment".
    Profit: None.
    Failure: The boomerang repeatedly interrupted the scam. Eddy, while under the boomerang's power, told Ed to throw away the scam.
    Episode: Hand Me Down Ed

  • Triple-E Bubble Wrap
    Overview: Bubble wrap for the kids to play with.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed and Edd accidentally popped all of the bubble wrap, and Ed couldn't collect more from his backyard shed because Sarah and Jimmy were using the backyard for Sarah and Jimmy's Rich Club. The scam was then abandoned so the Eds could try and get into the club.
    Episode: Stiff Upper Ed

  • Smileyville
    Overview: Jimmy was really sad, so the Eds gave him a map to their magical amusement park of happiness.
    Profit: 25 cents.
    Semi-failure: The park was a fake, but by the time Jimmy discovered it didn't exist, the Eds were already on their way to the Candy Store. However, once there, Ed spent their quarter on a rocket ride outside the store.
    Episode: Here's Mud in Your Ed

  • Money Tree
    Overview: Rolf and Jimmy sell Eddy a magic money tree seed.
    Profit: All of Eddy's possessions.
    Success: Rolf and Jimmy scammed Eddy, won all of his possessions, and got revenge for his Smileyville scam.
    Episode: Here's Mud in Your Ed
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • You Think It We Buy It
    Overview: Eddy can't think up a scam, so he offers to split the profits from a scam with anyone who can help him come up with one.
    Profit: None, the Eds are technically offering to pay the kid who helps them.
    Failure: Eddy didn't like the ideas presented to him by Jonny and Jimmy.
    Episode: Stuck in Ed

  • Jimmy's Super Duper Scammy Whammy
    Overview: Made by Jimmy and the Eds, the idea was to sell jumbo-sized ice pops to the kids.
    Profit: About 6 piggy banks full of dollars and quarters.
    Failure/Success: Surprisingly a joint failure and success. It was a failure because Eddy didn't like the idea and rejected it. However, it was a success because Jimmy pressed on despite Eddy's rejection and made a humongous profit.
    Episode: Stuck in Ed

  • Eddy's Career Counselling
    Overview: A center for the kids to take a career aptitude test and receive their results.
    Profit: Several quarters.
    Success: Everyone but Kevin wanted a career and was generally satisfied with the results, at least to the extent that nobody asked for a refund and the kids were later seen performing their jobs around the neighborhood. The Eds got jawbreakers, but they were locked away by Nazz, whose career was a dentist.
    Episode: Take This Ed and Shove It

Season 5[]

  • Eddy's Summer BBQ
    Overview: A "burger" stand that uses rubber tires as beef.
    Profit: Somewhere between $1.50 and $2.
    Success: The money is never shown being lost. However, the weather went bad and destroyed the scam, and, along with, Eddy's hopes of an endless summer.
    Episode: Out with the Old, In with the Ed

  • Ed's Summer Water Time Fun Park
    Overview: A 30 ft. tall waterslide.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed ran into Eddy on the waterslide, and the force of the resulting collision caused the waterslide to collapse. Everyone was sleeping for school, anyway, so it had no chance of succeeding.
    Episode: Out with the Old, In with the Ed

  • Eds' Super Sweets
    Overview: Fake desserts.
    Profit: Probably a quarter from Jimmy.
    Failure: The Eds "creamhorn" made from a bowling pin wrecked Jimmy's teeth (leading to his signature retainer) and caused Sarah to beat them up. Sarah also probably procured a refund.
    Episode: Every Which Way But Ed
    Note: This scam occurred in a flashback that took place before the series began.

  • Bottomwess Ed
    Overview: People pay money to watch Ed devour a television set.
    Profit: 50 cents.
    Semi-failure: Edd paid double to see it, sure that Ed couldn't accomplish the task, but Ed indeed devoured the television, so the duo of Ed and Eddy kept his money. However, Ed ate Eddy along with the TV.
    Episode: Every Which Way But Ed
    Notes: This scam occurred in a flashback that took place before the series began. It also appears to be the first scam that Eddy ever pulled.

  • Mole Mutant Repellent
    Overview: Selling overripe bananas and stale hot dog buns to the kids to repel the Mole Mutants.
    Profit: A jar full of quarters.
    Semi-failure: Everybody bought the goods, but Ed ended up throwing the jar of quarters into the sewer. Eddy was prepared to go into the sewer to get the money back, but Ed forbade him, believing that some of the Mole Mutants had survived.
    Episode: Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed

  • Where Babies Come From
    Overview: Eddy teaches Sarah and Jimmy where babies come from.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Eddy told Sarah and Jimmy a story involving belly button lint before being interrupted by Edd and his (marginally more correct) tale of bees. Sarah and Jimmy left to see Edd's story and didn't pay Eddy for his (incorrect) tale.
    Episode: I Am Curious Ed

  • Egghead Ed
    Overview: Have Ed help with homework.
    Profit: A jar full of quarters.
    Failure: Ed, still stupid, gave everyone incorrect answers, which caused them to fail. This led to the kids demanding refunds and beating up Ed and Eddy for the money.
    Episode: Too Smart for His Own Ed

  • Pet the Bunnie
    Overview: Edd dresses up as a bunny and people can pay to pet him.
    Profit: Unknown (probably none).
    Success: Eddy only did the scam to get back at Edd for his overbearing attitude. As the "scam" led to Edd being heavily petted by Ed, it can be considered a success, as Eddy got what he wanted out of it, even if he likely made no profits.
    Episode: Who's Minding the Ed?

  • Peach Creek Junior High Tattler Scandal (Tabloid Paper)
    Overview: Eddy, under the pen name Bobby Blabby, wrote scandalous articles in the school newspaper about the kids. Ed then sold the papers for a quarter apiece.
    Profit: A ton of quarters.
    Failure: Edd commandeered the money, as the newspaper was a nonprofit organization, and the angry kids exposed Eddy as "Bobby Blabby" and forced him to join the knitting club. Jonny was the only one actually satisfied.
    Episode: Truth or Ed

  • Feed the Unicorn
    Overview: A scam used to cheer up Jimmy.
    Profit: A quarter.
    Failure: Jimmy realized that the unicorn was fake after he ripped the costume's head off.
    Episode: Tinker Ed

  • Fairy Tales are Real
    Overview: Jimmy acts like he has become a cynic to trick the Eds into doing things to try and snap him out of it.
    Profit: A quarter and the joy of seeing the Eds humiliated.
    Success: Jimmy was able to lure Eddy into a trap, tricking him into providing a refund and dressing up as a fairy tale creature (along with his friends).
    Episode: Tinker Ed
    Note: This is not one of the Eds' scams.

  • Eddenheim Historical Museum
    Overview: After finding a book called Fort Peach Creek, the Eds learned that Eddy's ancestors were the founders of Peach Creek. With this in mind, Eddy decided to try and wring some respect out of his forefathers' stature.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Nobody cared, even after the Eds hijacked Kevin's TV to tell everyone about it. Their failure was compounded by the Kankers revealing that their ancestor, Lord Kanker, won Peach Creek from Eddy's ancestor in a gambling match.
    Episode: A Town Called Ed

Season 6[]


  • Kiss the Hunk
    Overview: 25 cents to get a smooch from Eddy.
    Profit: 2 detentions (one for Eddy and one for Edd).
    Failure: Hall monitor Kevin demanded he get rid of the scam, as it was blocking the hallway. Eddy was given detention for talking back, and Edd also got detention for standing up for Eddy.
    Episode: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo

  • Capture an Alien
    Overview: Eddy tries to capture the aliens at Rolf's house and sell them for big bucks.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: There were no aliens. It was just Rolf and his relatives (who were believed to be aliens).
    Episode: The Eds are Coming
    Note: This scam may be considered non-canon because it occurred as part of a crossover event.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Scam
    Overview: The viewer doesn't see the scam, thus it remains a mystery what took place or what was sold/offered. It goes so horribly wrong that the kids hunt down the Eds in an act of revenge. Various items left in the aftermath included balloons, oil, an overturned ice cream truck, at least one bear-trap, a broken record player, quick-dry cement, a skateboard, a bowling ball, a canoe, a busted water-pipe, a fence that had paint splattered around an outline of Nazz (in an evasive position), and a stand, where Eddy most likely was at the start of the whole event, crushed by a tree. The lane is seemingly destroyed. At one point in the movie, Eddy expresses remorse about pressing a button that had supposedly started the chain of events that led to the scam's failure.
    Profit: Unknown.
    Failure: Eddy pressed a red button that caused the disaster (according to Edd). The kids suffered some of the most painful injuries of their lives. The Eds flee the Cul-de-Sac for the rest of the movie as the kids hunt them down. The Eds blame each other completely for the scam.
    Episode: Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show


  • Snow Cones
    Overview: The Eds make snow cones and sell them for cash.
    Profit: None.
    Failure: Ed ate them all, and because the snow cones were made by a meat grinder, the snow cones absorbed the meat flavor.
    Game: Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures
    Note: In the GBA version of the game, the failure for the scam is different; there, the ice melted before they could use it.


  • Parade Walk Scam
    Overview: The Eds invent a device that allows an injured Ed to walk beside them. Jonny and Plank become interested in their "parade walk" and Eddy charged them to join.
    Profit: 50 cents (25 cents from both Jonny and Plank).
    Failure: The Eds become unbalanced leading to a series of events that effectively prevent any further use of the device.
    Appearance: Ed Kau Berat!