Ed, Edd n Eddy

"Like Me"[1] was a song featured in "May I have this Ed?" It was heard when Eddy played it on a record player as he and Ed helped Edd get ready for the dance by making him practice asking for a dance on a mannequin.

The song was produced at Technomorph, the sound design company for the show. The song had been created for one of their previous projects, an advertisement, but ultimately went unused for this purpose.[1] The singers are unknown.[2]


Dreaming of another lover,
Just will not do.
Honey, I'm just here for you.
Darling, all for your kiss
Oh! What bliss,
I could reminisce
And only you can make it come true.


  • This is the only song in the series that was not created specifically for the show.
  • A leaked production clip from this episode features a different section of "Like Me" while Edd attempts to practice asking for a dance.

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