Ed, Edd n Eddy

Lemon Brook Lumpers vs. Peach Creek Cobblers is a junior high school rivalry football game that was played in "Tight End Ed." The Lemon Brook Lumpers won 62-0 due to the lackluster performance by the Peach Creek Cobblers. The Cobblers were the home team, but despite having the full support of the crowd, were unable to do anything against the Lumpers' stifling defense, dominating offense, and spectacular player build.

The Lemon Brook Lumpers came from Lemon Brook Jr. High, and the Peach Creek Cobblers came from Peach Creek Jr. High. Both of their names are from a fruit and a body of water.

The Game[]

Lemon Brook kicked off. Edd got it first but was tackled. Jonny then had the ball; he was supposed to hand-off to Eddy but he was messing around being mascot. Jonny then handed-off to Plank but Plank wouldn't move and Lemon Brook caused a fumble. Kevin picked up the fumble and tossed it to Edd but he wasn't ready and got hit and fumbled. Lemon Brook recovered in the end-zone for a touchdown. Now Peach Creek had the ball. On third down Edd got distracted by Eddy who became a mascot and failed to catch it. The Cobblers punted. The Lumpers got it and Kevin ordered the Cobblers to take their positions. Lemon Brook ran straight at Rolf and plowed over him to a touchdown. Next the Cobblers took a break with real mascot Ed but Eddy got jealous and went in the cannon for Ed. Ed gave everyone peach cobbler and Eddy tried but he had nothing. By the time Kevin ordered the Cobblers back on the field, the game was over 62-0; Lemon Brook won.

Peach Creek Cobblers[]

  • Rolf: #8.
  • Jonny 2x4: #14.
  • Plank: #1/2.
  • Eddy (didn't participate in the game and became the mascot for Lemon Brook): #0.
  • Edd: #5.
  • Kevin (team captain): #12.
  • Ed (didn't participate in the game and became the mascot for Peach Creek): #13.


Eddy got kidnapped by the Lemon Brook Lumpers, had his mouth stuffed with lemons, and was taped to the back of the team's bus as it drove away.


Peach Creek Cobblers' Cheerleading Squad[]

  • Sarah
  • Jimmy
  • Nazz
  • Ed as the mascot