Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Lemon Brook Lumpers are Lemon Brook Jr. High's football team. They only appeared in "Tight End Ed" where they beat the Peach Creek Cobblers in a game and kidnapped Eddy (dressed as the Clobberer) afterwards. The Lemon Brook Lumpers don't actually physically appear on-screen in the show but instead appear only as shadows or whenever they about to step into the camera's line of sight, the camera simply pans away from the player. Judging by the size of their shadows, the Lemon Brook Lumpers appear to be large in size. Their school colors also appear to be purple and yellow. They can easily smash a weight-lift with just one punch. They don't seem to have a mascot.

Cobblers vs. Lumpers[]

During "Tight End Ed," the Lemon Brook Lumpers played a football game as the visiting team against the Peach Creek Cobblers and won 62-0. Their bus was later seen with Eddy taped to the back of it with lemons stuffed in his mouth.



  • Eddy's abduction and abuse at the hands of the Lumpers is a reference to major rivalries between school teams, most notably in high schools and colleges.

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