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The Lemon Brook Lumpers.

Lemon Brook Jr. High is a school in the city of Lemon Brook. There is not much information known about it, except that it has a Football Team and rivals Peach Creek. Only three Lemon Brook students were seen (shadows only), and this was in a football game. They were also referenced by Eddy in Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show when he find out that the Gag Factory was located in Lemon Brook

Lemon Brook Lumpers[]

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The Lemon Brook Lumpers are a Junior High Football team for Lemon Brook. They are the rivals of the Peach Creek Cobblers. The team's first and only appearance was in the episode "Tight End Ed". The players appear to be large in mass and incredibly muscular compared to the Cobblers. They appear to have only three players on their team. Their only known game was against the Peach Creek Cobblers, which they won by an overwhelming margin of 62-0. Later, it appears they literally crushed the Cobblers. The Lumpers seemed to become enraged when they are mocked by Ed the mascot.

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