Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Laser Guns are weapons that were used by Ed and Edd in "Dawn of the Eds." In actuality, they were just cans, but appeared real to the Eds in their imaginations. The guns shot laser beams and did considerable damage to the robots, who were really Sarah and Jimmy in real life. Earlier in the episode, they are shown as real, albeit non-functional.


Ed's Gun[]

  • Rubber Grip (Front Part)
  • Fork (Iron Sight)
  • Tuba's Head (Muzzle)
  • Wood Piece (Rear Part)
  • Belt (Handle)
  • Pin (Trigger)

Edd's Gun[]

  • Plastic Rings (Front Rings)
  • Spatula (Iron Sight)
  • Purple Cone's Head (Muzzle)
  • Antenna (Firing Mechanism)
  • Handles (Grip/Trigger)

Eddy's Gun[]

  • Funnel (Muzzle)
  • Wood Piece (Rear Parts)
  • Pin (Trigger)