Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Land Windsurfer was built by Edd in "Run Ed Run" to catch up with the school bus. The Eds were supposed to be on a field trip to the jawbreaker factory, but missed the bus due to Ed's newly developed fear of going outside. This is one of the fastest and most versatile vehicles ever shown in the series, as it was able to catch up with the bus in little over a minute.

When just completed, it had a top speed of about 20mph, but after taking damage, the fan went into overdrive. In this mode, the vehicle traveled at least 60mph, possibly even greater. It has a passenger capacity of up to four, depending on the seating arrangement. Upon catching up to the bus, the vehicle became airborne and started to fly. After hovering for a while, it rocketed off into the sky until it crashed into the sky. This was the first and only appearance it ever made.

Construction Items[]

  • Wagon (Body)
  • Large Fan (Engine)
  • Two Skates (Wheels)
  • Broom (Sprit)
  • Four Hockey Sticks (Four Sprits)
  • Pants (Sail)
  • Two Pots (Umbrellas)
  • Racket (Main Umbrella)