Ed, Edd n Eddy

Marie holding a bottle of Krankshaft.

Krankshaft No. 5 is the Kanker Sisters' favorite perfume. It only appeared in "Know it All Ed," when Marie chooses which perfume she and the Kankers should use. According to Ed, it smells like "fresh cut spring flowers strewn across a babbling brook with a hint of lemon." He uses this description in reference to Plank and later the Eds after they got sprayed. The fact that he described Plank as smelling this way suggests that the Kankers tested it on Jonny and Plank. Its name is a possible reference to many perfumes that have numbers on the end. It also suggests that there are four earlier perfumes that the Kankers made. It's possible that all of the perfumes were tested on Jonny and Plank. The Kankers were shown to prefer this perfume over "Eau de Wood Rot." The Krankshaft No. 5's logo is a gear shifter. Edd and Eddy are both repulsed by the reek of the perfume, whereas Ed doesn't mind it and actually enjoyed the smell.