Ed, Edd n Eddy

Kart Attack was a game on Cartoon Network Japan (formerly on Cartoon Network Asia) website. In it, you play as the Eds, who have built a go-kart with the intent of entering it in the downhill derby. Your goal is to get them to the bottom of the hill without wrecking their street cred.


The game's intro shows animations of the Eds in silhouette first building a go-kart, then riding it down the hill. These are cut off by a fence each time. After the second fence cut-off, the Eds seemingly hit a bump offscreen and land in front of the player. At this point, Ed says "Is the ride over?" and the title screen pops up.


In the game, you can play as Ed, Edd, Eddy, or all three at once. You go down the hill at a continuous clip, picking up stars and avoiding obstacles like water puddles (which will splash on the kids), oil slicks (which will send you spinning off the road), and dog doo. Meanwhile, you are encouraged to hit trash cans (which will stop you for a second), newspapers, cans, and fish skeletons.

The goal of the game is to have as much street cred as possible once you reach the end. However, merely reaching the end counts as a win. All you have to do is keep your street cred from reaching 0% until you reach the bottom of the hill.


  • No matter which Ed you choose, the win screen will be the same: the Eds will all have medals, and Rolf, Sarah, Nazz, Kevin, Jonny, Plank, and May will be standing around them.
  • The game's winning photo has several characters off-model. For example, Rolf and Jonny are incredibly short, Plank's face is reversed, Sarah is taller than Kevin, and May is standing in a pose that would be impossible for anyone to hold.
  • Although Jimmy doesn't appear in the end photos, he is seen as a spectator during the race. He can also be seen in the title card alongside Kevin.
  • The kids hold the same poses in the losing picture as they do in the winning one; they're just moved back and in silhouette.
  • A familiar sound from "Stop, Look and Ed" is heard in the prologue; this being Ed twanging the rubber cord of the Jawbreaker Satellite.


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