Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Eds trapped in the cement.

The Kanker Rubber Cement is a weapon that the Kanker Sisters used on the Eds in "Know it All Ed" to defeat them in battle. The purpose of the rubber cement is to hold something together; in the case of its usage, the cement stuck all three Eds' feet to the ground. When used on the Eds, they thought it did nothing until they tried to move and then realized that they were stuck. To Edd, the cement seems to feel approximately like being in Ed's basement. The cement is very effective, as it completely trapped the Eds in place and prevented them from escaping the Kankers, who naturally partook in their usual torture of showing their boyfriends some "home cooking."


  • The cement may have similar ingredients to Krankshaft No.5 because it is similar in color and is used shortly after Krankshaft No.5.

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