Ed, Edd n Eddy

Jonny's Obstacle Course is a scam the Eds did in "Urban Ed." The scam consisted of having Jonny carry out several random tasks in the hopes of confusing him so that he'd pay them a quarter when they requested it as another seemingly random task. It was ultimately unsuccessful, as Jonny recognized the intent behind the scam.


  • Run into a tree
  • Squeeze a banana out of its peel so that it hits a target painted on the tree
  • Use a peashooter to break several balloons
  • Throw marshmallows into a tuba in order to feed Double D
  • Touch home plate
  • Put a quarter in the jar


Jonny was able to successfully hit the tree and squeeze a banana onto the target. However, from that point on he got sloppy, only breaking two of the four balloons and not being able to get any marshmallows into the tuba. Likewise, he dived for the plate and came up short; however, he was able to crawl forward and touch it. Jonny ended up failing the test when he refused to put a quarter in Eddy's jar.