Ed, Edd n Eddy

Jimmy's Trampoline Scam is a scam that Jimmy set up near the end of "Ed in a Halfshell" after undergoing intensive scam training from Eddy. He set up the scam to prove to Eddy that he could indeed scam pigeons just as well as Eddy. The scam was simply a trampoline set up in the Lane that he would allow the Kids to jump on for twenty-five seconds if they paid him a quarter. The Kids all paid for their time, and Jimmy made a hefty profit. However, Eddy wanted a piece for his teachings, and tried to take Jimmy's money, but Jimmy managed to trick Ed into blowing his whistle, which called Sarah over to protect Jimmy from Eddy. Jimmy ended up profiting immensely from his scam, while the Eds were beaten up by Sarah.


  • This is one of three scams that Jimmy has worked on. The others are Jimmy's Super Duper Scammy Whammy (entirely his work) and Rolf's Money Tree (a collaboration between him and Rolf).
  • Jimmy charged 25 cents for 25 seconds on his trampoline. Interestingly, this was the charge for the other scam of the episode, Gerbil For A Day (25 cents for 25 seconds with Ed the Gerbil).


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