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The uniform.

Jimmy's Owie Go Kapowee Club is a club that has an objective to enforce safety around the school, in a manner similar to Edd's failed safety club. This club has three members in it: Jimmy (in charge), Sarah (sidekick) and possibly Nazz, since she received an Owie Go Kapowee helmet but it's unknown if she actually joined. In this club, they wear pink and white leotards as uniforms to symbolize the club and perhaps also to try and start a new fashion trend. This club had more success than Edd's safety club, even though it was somewhat different. The most notable thing it did was cage the Eds in an ice barred dumpster to ensure safety from their scams. This objective gave the club popularity with the kids, and is probably why it was more successful than Edd's failed safety club. Its first and only appearance was in "Look Before You Ed."


Owie Go Kapowee Uniform[]

  • White-colored jumpsuit (with pink-colored fuzz)
  • Stylish goggles
  • White-colored helmet (also with pink-colored fuzz and flower decorations)