Ed, Edd n Eddy

Jimmy and his Oven.

Jimmy's Oven is an oven which Jimmy owns. It has characteristics of an actual oven, but considering its small size, it's probably just a toy. It is first seen in "An Ed Too Many" where he attempts to bake a souffle after losing Sarah. In "Rent-a-Ed", he attempts to bake some sailor cookies with it. It was later destroyed in the same episode by Ed and Eddy, with their infamous repair service. They hit it with a chair and a lamp attempting to fix it; when that didn't work, Ed threw it into the wall. The oven door flew open, and the cookies slid onto the floor. As a result of being in the oven for so long, the cookies were hot enough to burn through the floor. As a result, the Eds had to leave before Jimmy got Sarah to exact revenge on them. Later in the episode, Jimmy is seen entering their sauna scam, but it's revealed that he told Sarah about what happened so she forced Eddy to let them in for free to compensate.

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