Ed, Edd n Eddy

Overview of the dream world.

Jimmy's Dream World was first seen in the special episode "The Eds are Coming," where he was dreaming he was in Nebraska, probably where his family is taking a vacation. In this world, he is the most popular kid, and everyone loves him. However, it is interrupted by an alien invasion where the aliens lift the cul-de-sac high in the air, possibly into their spaceship. Jimmy was severely scared by this dream and traumatized for the duration of the special. Apparently, this dream was foreshadowing an event later on in the future, explaining the alien attack.


  • His stuffed toys are alive.
  • The sun is alive and it talks (voiced by Danny Antonucci, the creator of the show).
  • Almost everything is made of candy.
  • He rides on a caterpillar as a train (ironically, a caterpillar is considered by Jimmy to be a "wiggly," so he should be afraid, though it is possible he overcame his fear).
  • Everyday, the Eds are spanked repeatedly by a giant doll with a paddle for a hand (named Dolly No-No) but they still love him.
  • He can grow butterfly wings whenever he wants.
  • Sarah is still his friend.
  • Jonny, Plank, and The Kanker Sisters don't seem to appear in the dream world, mainly because Jimmy doesn't care about Jonny & Plank at all and is scared of the Kankers.
  • Sarah sprouts flowers everywhere she walks.
  • Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf love him.
  • Everybody loves his cowlick.
  • Aliens invade his dream.
  • Buzzsaws attack the cul-de-sac, and it then is lifted into the sky by giant claws.


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