Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Jawbreaker Surveillance Satellite is one of only two unmanned vehicles that were created by the Eds. It appears in "Stop, Look and Ed" when Edd is building it to find jawbreakers. It has a scanning capability to locate any jawbreakers in a four-block radius. Sadly, the satellite was accidentally launched prematurely by Ed. It flew for a few minutes before crash-landing into a tree, causing its destruction. It was presumably intended to be controlled by Edd's remote. If properly launched, the Eds would have had a huge advantage over the rest of the Kids in finding jawbreakers (or stealing jawbreakers from them). The satellite's internal machinery is completely mechanical. The satellite continued flying even after Jimmy fell from it.

Construction Items[]

  • Cardboard box (central component)
  • Cardboard pieces (wings)
  • Broom (right wing)
  • Hockey stick (left wing)
  • Wagon (frame)
  • Sifting bowl (radar piece)
  • Propeller (propulsion piece)
  • Giant rubber band (propulsion piece)
  • Duct tape (holds pieces together)
  • Baseball (radar piece)
  • Various mechanical items (inner workings)
  • Computer (robot brain)
  • Ladders (legs, interior access)


  • This is one of the few scams that the kids didn't actually notice.