Ed, Edd n Eddy

In Over His Ed is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Eddy charges the kids to watch him and Edd rescue Ed from Rolf's pig pen. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Cartoons comic issue #18.


The Eds are running their latest scam: an opera show starring Ed. Unfortunately, no one shows up, as Edd overestimated the Cul-de-Sac's appreciation of high culture. The show abruptly ends when Rolf comes over with his animals, complaining about the noise disturbing his chickens. Ed, still wearing his horned helmet, butts heads with Victor. Bothered by this, Victor runs home, with Ed on top of him.

At Rolf's House, Ed rolls around in the mud Rolf prepared for his pigs, much to Rolf's dismay. Eddy demands that Ed get out, but Ed says that his foot is stuck. Suddenly, Eddy gets an idea for a scam, and rushes off with Edd.

At the entrance to the lane, signs advertising the "Victim of Sucking Swamp" have been hung up. Directional arrows to Rolf's backyard are also present. Intrigued, several kids show up to this attraction.

Once the audience is ready, Edd and Eddy arrive. Claiming to be "specially equipped", Eddy announces their plan to rescue Ed. As part of the plan, the site will have to be secured. For only 25¢, though, spectators can gain access to this site. Eagerly, the kids pay up.

The rescue soon commences, with Eddy boasting that he and Edd are "professionals". To rescue Ed, they will use a crane. This does not go as planned, however. Instead of grabbing Ed, they accidentally grab one of Rolf's pigs. Upon realizing this, Ed has already sunk.

Moments later, Ed pops up from the grass surrounding the mud pit; revealing that he dug himself free by creating a tunnel. Simultaneously, several of Rolf's pigs are sucked into the starting hole in the mud pit. Astonished, Edd points out that Ed created a crude vacuum during his escape.

This does not work out well for the scam, though. Once sucked in, the pigs are ejected from the same hole Ed escaped through in a massive mud geyser. With pigs landing around them, the kids run away. Upon seeing this, Rolf angrily confronts the Eds, saying they have disrespected his pigs.


  • Goof: Victor's fur is colored tan, and his bell is suspended from a blue collar. Ordinarily, Victor's fur is colored white, and his bell is suspended from a red collar.
  • Rolf normally has one pig, Wilfred. In this comic, Rolf has multiple pigs.