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"In Like Ed" is the 9th episode of Season 2 and the 35th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, the Eds become suspicious of Kevin (as he seems to know far too much) and decide to spy on him to see where he gets his intelligence from.


The episode begins with the Eds pricing merchandise for their garage sale at Eddy's Garage. Eddy, being the penny-pincher he is, prices his merchandise at ridiculously high prices, while Honest Edd offers his merchandise at rock-bottom prices. Ed, on the other hand, mindlessly begins tossing random items onto his table and pricing them, including the table itself. He finds a bow and begins shooting everything he can find out of the bow, including Eddy himself. He fires Eddy out of his garage and onto his lawn, where he finds Sarah and Jimmy, who just bought a blender from Kevin's "Better n' Eddys' Garage Sale" for a nickel. Upon going to Kevin's sale, they're immediately stunned at his success and his ability to guess what his customer wants before they ask. Ed tries to tell Kevin something, but Kevin guesses what he wanted to say before Ed himself can say anything. Edd and Eddy decides to spy on Kevin to find out where his intelligence comes from.

At Edd's Backyard Shed, Edd shows Ed and Eddy an assortment of gadgets, including a jet pack, Baking Powder Smoke Bomb disguised as a Jawbreaker, a Tape Recorder concealed in a Bucket and a Broom with a Radio Transmitter hidden on it. As Ed and Eddy test some of the gadgets, the "Kevin Motion Alert" goes off and the Eds watch the transmission. But Kevin finds the camera hidden on his doorstep in plain sight, poorly disguised as a tree and destroys it. Edd tells Eddy and Ed that they will need to spy on him in person.

The Eds spy on Kevin and follow him. They then spot him entering Jimmy's House with Rolf holding packages. The Eds peer through the window and conclude that Kevin is a part of some "clandestine organization based on the exchange of classified information" and that they are having a meeting at Jimmy's. They decide that they will shut down their operation, but unbeknownst to them, they're about to ruin Jimmy's Birthday Party.

Edd and Eddy enter the house and begin to analyze the refreshments for any anomalies, but find nothing out of the ordinary. Meanwhile Ed tries to enter the house by unconventional means, but fails to do so. Edd and Eddy have a look at the packages using Edd's X-Ray Glasses but only seem to find Teddy Bears. Ed suddenly falls out of a Pinata the Kids are trying to burst open, and joins Edd and Eddy to open the presents, but still find nothing out of the ordinary. Embarrassed by this, Jimmy runs away crying. As such, the Kids blame the Eds for wrecking his party, approaching them to beat them up. Eddy then pulls out Edd's Baking Powder Smoke Bomb out of his pocket and, before Edd can finish explaining that it was due to a misunderstanding, detonates it, causing everything in the house to be covered top to bottom in Baking Powder. As the kids appear to be missing in the flood of baking powder, Eddy suggests they hightail it, but the baking powder-drenched kids appear from the baking powder and advance towards them to give them a thrashing, as Ed tells his friends that their situation reminds him of a B-Rated Film he watched, commenting that this is the part where they will get ripped limb from limb, frozen, and used to cool the Kids’ drinks, to which Edd expresses the hope the drinks aren’t alcoholic.


  • Goofs:
    • On Ed's table, the voodoo mask from his bedroom is orange, instead of purple. After the pile collapses, it becomes purple again.
    • One of the milk cartons comprising Ed's periscope changes colors between shots. First it appears yellow, then blue like the carton under it, then back to yellow again.
    • When Nazz punches Eddy, she hits him in his right cheek. In the next shot, Eddy has a black eye.
      • When Eddy uses the Baking Powder Vapor Barrier, his eye is back to normal.
    • When Rolf is eating cake, his teeth are white instead of green.
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures, the level "Pin the Tail on the Ed" has a similar plot to this episode. In it, the Eds attempt to infiltrate Jimmy's birthday party by navigating the Sewers.
  • On Edd's table, one of the Elevation Boots (the right one) from "A Pinch to Grow an Ed" can be seen. Oddly, the shoes were destroyed in that episode, yet reappear here undamaged.
    • Later, in "3 Squares and an Ed," both shoes reappear, but in damaged condition. It is possible they were used again sometime after this episode.
  • The Body Heat Seeking Goggles from "Ed-n-Seek" reappear, being shown to double as X-Ray goggles.
  • The Jet Pack reappears in Ed, Edd n Eddy - Jawbreakers!
  • The Rocket Car Helmet from "Ready, Set... Ed!" reappears as an item for sale on Eddy's table. It later appears again in "Run Ed Run."
  • "Honest Ed's" may be a reference to the famous, identically named store once located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (birthplace of series creator, Danny Antonucci).
  • At Edd's table, he has a stack of comic books for sale. In the following episode, "Who Let the Ed In?," Edd decries comic books, saying, "Comics, Eddy. It's poison for the brain."
  • The passcode to the hidden room in Edd's backyard shed is "9339÷3".


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