Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Hide n Seek Wagon was constructed by the Eds in "Ed-n-Seek." It was the transportation for home base for the game of hide'n seek. The Eds couldn't win at hide and seek because the Kids would always make it to home base (the tree) before the Eds could catch them, so Ed put the home base tree on a wagon. The wagon crashed after the Eds leaped on it, pushing it forward and making it go down a steep hill. They wound up winning the game, but were seriously injured after they crashed into a bunch of other trees, all of which toppled on top of them. The wagon was crushed while Ed was able to lift the trees, but he dropped them a few seconds after he picked them up, thus further injuring his friends.

Construction Items[]

  • Wagon (Body)
  • Tree (served as home base during hide-and-seek game)
  • Sign (says "Home" and is nailed to tree)


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