Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Hair Brusher.


Its destruction by Jonny.

The Hair Brusher was a mechanical device invented by Edd as a gift to impress Nazz seen only in "Boys Will Be Eds." It was intentionally made for Nazz to make maintaining her hair easier. Edd stated that it would help untangle her hair without much effort. It does indeed seem like an effective series of combs and brushes, and it looks like it would have served its purpose. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by Jonny when he accidentally rammed his head into it after the hair brusher's brief appearance. It is unknown if Edd made it on the spot or had made it previously, anticipating that he would need something to be able to woo Nazz.

Construction Materials[]

  • Several brushes and combs
  • Small cylinder-like piece of metal (frame)
  • Pulley (modified)
  • Rolling pin (support)
  • Two mirrors
  • Hairspray
  • Sock (holster for hairspray)

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