Ed, Edd n Eddy

Green Eds and Ham is an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic. In it, Eddy attempts to rule the Cul-de-Sac by pretending to be a martian. It was published by DC Comics in Cartoon Network Block Party issue #35.


The Eds are redoing their En-O-Gee Drinks scam (previously seen in "Over Your Ed"). On the sidewalk in front of the booth, Kevin speeds by on his bike, doing a wheelie while eating pizza. Not impressed, Eddy mocks Kevin while riding a tricycle. Not finding this funny, Kevin pummels Eddy. Nazz, who was nearby, claimed that Eddy was just jealous; using the adjective "green" to describe him.

Hearing this word, Ed begins talking about the martians he saw in a comic book. Suddenly, Eddy gets an idea: by pretending to be a martian, he can rule the Cul-De-Sac. Excited, Eddy rushes off to Edd's garage with his friends.

With help from Edd, the Eds have assembled their martian costumes. They primarily consist of green clothing, watering can helmets, and bed spring legs. As part of the rouse, Eddy will declare himself "Emperor of the Cul-De-Sac". His first decree will be levying a 150% invasion tax. The Eds then head off to "invade".

The Eds' first targets are Jimmy and Sarah. While the two of them are playing dolls, the "martians" storm in, throwing slime pellets and emitting green gas clouds. Ed declares they are the "Mold Martians". As are their natural reactions, Jimmy cowers in fear, while Sarah becomes enraged.

Rolf, meanwhile, is washing sea anemones for his Nana in their backyard. Suddenly, a martian lands in the wash basin. Sarah then runs over, still angry at the martians. Learning there are martians about, Rolf gives chase as well.

During the chase, Sarah grabs hold of one of Edd's bed spring legs. Although he attempts to hold on to Ed and Eddy, the Eds all fall down, exposing their true identities. Angry at this revelation, Rolf throws an anemone at Eddy, sending it into Eddy's mouth. In response, Eddy throws another slime pellet.

Eddy misses Rolf, hitting Kevin instead. Kevin, who was riding his bike nearby, is upset with Eddy once more. With a plan in mind, he grabs all three Eds and drags them away. In the final panel, the Eds are tied to a firework rocket. Nearby, the other kids eagerly watch Kevin light the fuse, with Kevin claiming the "martians look homesick".


  • Goofs:
    • After Kevin beats up Eddy, Eddy's pants are purple instead of cyan.
  • The comic title is a reference to Dr. Seuss' classic children's book, Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Two signs on the En-O-Gee Drinks booth claim the drinks have an "Improved Recipe", and that the price is still 25¢.
  • On the last page, Eddy breaks the fourth wall when he says, "I thought he left after page one!"