Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed's gravy catalog.

Gravy is one of Ed's favorite foods. Eddy is often annoyed about this, which is most clearly seen in "All Eds Are Off." There are a few types of gravy that were seen in this episode:

  • Mexican Hot Tamale Gravy
  • Arctic Fish Gravy
  • Japanese Teriyaki Gravy
  • Scottish Haggis Gravy
  • Swiss Cheese Chicken Gravy
  • Italian Pisa Gravy

Ed also bakes gravy cakes which he keeps in his jacket, and one time he also set these treats up for Santa Claus in the Christmas special in place of cookies. He also keeps gravy in a thermos and even in his shoe. Ed also enjoys buttered toast with gravy.

Ed's Tub of Gravy[]

Ed's Tub of Gravy is located in the bathroom of Ed's house, the next room along from his bedroom. It has been seen many times in the series and it's shown that Ed treasures it. It had probably its most prominent appearance in "Robbin' Ed" when it was used by Professor Scam (aka Eddy) as a grave for Captain Melonhead (aka Jonny 2x4) and Splinter The Wonderwood (aka Plank). Ed stopped the tub being used for this purpose at the last minute when he cries out "Release the gravy! 'Cause I, Average Joe, says so!" He then pressed the button on the Thingamajig and it releases a set of chattering teeth which cut Melonhead free from the ropes. In "Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed," Edd goes tumbling backwards and lands in it after trying to pull his head out of an armchair. At first, he doesn't realize what it is that is in the tub, but then he discovers a ladle at the bottom and is shocked to find out what it actually is. Strangely, in "Who's Minding the Ed?" Ed's bathtub was empty, but it's likely that he filtered all of it out quickly to put Rolf's animals inside it, or he drank all the gravy and there's none left.