Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Giant Booster Shot is a device that Ed and Eddy built to scare Kevin after they discovered that he had a fear of needles. It is only seen in "This Won't Hurt an Ed."


As mentioned above, Eddy and Ed build this to scare Kevin after learning through his private student file that he is afraid of needles. The first phase was telling everybody that it was Booster Shot Day. The second phase was threatening Kevin with said giant needle. In the end, Kevin realized it was not a real shot and that it was just an attempt to scare him. What happened to the fake shot after this is unknown, though it was likely discarded since it was rendered useless after the occurrence.


Giant Syringe

Concept Art

  • Trash Can (Barrel)
  • Two Handles (Barrel Grips)
  • Plunger (Plunger)
  • Golf Club (Needle)
  • Rope (Hold together the plunger ring)
  • Bike Tire (Plunger ring)

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